Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Bear's Ancestral Roots

Hello bears and not-a-bears. There's been a bit of discussion recently in the stuffie blogosphere about ancestral roots. I asked Mama if she knew where she came from and she showed me her family tree chart...

Wow!! It goes back nine generations to the 1700s. That's a bear long time ago.

But what about me? Do I have a family history?

I decided to look through some old papers that Mama said she had found, which might relate to me.

This is a beary old looking postcard from the Athabasca Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. It's from a bear named Daniel Alexander Mackenzie Bear. It's sent to Jean Maggie McDiarmid Bear in Scotland. Hmmm... I wonder if we're related? I always thought I might have a wee bit of Scottish blood in me!

 But that's not really going to help me. I need to dig a bit more... Hmmm... nothing here... what's this... nope... not important.... OOOH!!!

I think I found something!!!

This is a photo of Simon Schwartz Bear. There's a note on the back of the photograph that says he was a Quaker Bear! Ooohh... exciting.

This is a photo of Hermine Braun Bear. She married Simon apparently. They lived a simple life and were great farmers. I knew I got my green paw from somewhere!

What else... ahh... this is Jean Maggie McDiarmid Bear. She looks like a tough bear... wouldn't want to mess with her. Apparently she worked at Starbucks...

And this is Daniel Alexander Mackenzie Bear!! According to the back of the photo, he was a pilot in the Royal Canadian Bear Force. He trained in the Edmonton area and then served overseas. Wow... cool!

I think these four bears must be my grandparents but I haven't found any info on my parents. Other than Mama of course... but she adopted me... so that doesn't count. I'll have to do some more digging. Have you done any family tree research? I know Beanie Mouse has...


  1. Hahaha!!! Yes I have, a bit!!! I'll have to get Andrea to help me work out who was related to who and how though.....!!

  2. Hmm, I need to do some digging into my family tree, maybe Drunk Fox could help me out. I think Jean Maggie McDiamid Bear looks like one of the bears who owned a saloon (or starbucks branch) up in the Klondike during the Gold Rush.

  3. Nice! Have you visited I wonder if they have records on bears. You look very dapper too.

  4. yes, I can see your resemblance to your grandparents! your snout is from one side of the family, and your fur texture from the other! and your sartorial tastes as well as coffee tastes!

  5. Oh, and don't forget your American cousins!!!

  6. @Beanie - your family tree would be beary cool given Mouse Island!
    @Little Fox - That could beary well be true. Bears are beary enterprising and gold rushers would have been beary thirsty for hot chocolate.
    @Ajdin - Thanks!! It's neat to see how I take after my forebears.
    @Droopy - Oh yes... but not bear records, at least none that I've found.
    @Jerry & Ben - Well.. if I went a bit higher up the tree and then went sideways, I'm sure I'd find that we are third cousins or something!