Friday, September 18, 2015

The times are a-changin'

Hullo again! Well, it is September, and so we thought we'd take a wander down by the burnt-out farm to check on the apple trees. Somebody's been here before us because the ancient apple tree has been picked over a bit.

Uh-oh!!! That looks like a survey stake!! Oh dear...

 I see some filter cloth up ahead too... and things look different.

Ack!!!! Where's the burnt-out farm???

I am going to investigate... That's the big old apple tree there...

Whew... and the walnut tree is still here!

But the foundation of the old house has been gutted... and there is a big construction project going on in the background. That's where the meadow used to be.

I knew this was coming. Rumour has been swirling that the SPCA was building a new facility. I can't really complain about that... and at least they've built on the meadow part... and left my fruit trees! Hmmm... someone plunked a big boulder on the old concrete stairway.

Hello? There is someone standing on the boulder!

His name is Arborrier - and he says he protected the fruit trees with his magic powers! Wow...

I'd say he did a pretty good job.

And... do you see that tree behind me... well, the bulldozers came right to the edge of it and pushed away all the blackberries...

So now I can see that this one is a pear tree!!

And not just any pear tree... it is a bartlett pear tree!!!

Oh yum! ****munch munch, dribble, drool, munch**** Soooo good!

 Heh-heh... and there are still a few little grapevines around the old house foundation. I wonder if we could take some home?

Hmmm... I just saw that tree in the background. It looks like another pear tree. So we fought our way through the broom and dodged some blackberries...

Only to find it surrounded by blackberries... No way through on this side.

We fought our way back out and only got a bit of blackberry goo - that looks nasty but it wasn't!

Ah-hah!!! The backside of the pear tree is much more accessible...

Yup... pear tree bark... and a bunch of young pear trees around the base.

Definitely a bartlett pear!

Alright... time to call in reinforcements with buckets!

***an hour later***
Heh-heh... we got a big bucket of apples - yummy ones too!

And a mega bucket of pears. Mmmmm....

I think there might be some apple sauce in my future.

Oh... and a quick update on yard projects. We've hard horror stories about Late blight devastating tomato crops so we jury-rigged a plastic sheet over the tomatoes...

And the new garden bed is coming along nicely... That's it for now!


  1. Fruit trees?? You are so beary lucky Sandy! Your garden is looking great too. Ben says that with some apple and caramels, you can make some beary great caramel apples, with the tops dipped in chopped walnuts (Jerry would prefer chocolate sprinkes).

    1. Those sound yummy! I think we are doing something quite prosaic like making apple sauce (no added sugar).

  2. Is that the same farm where you searched for the snowdrops last year?

    So the SPCA, is that the animal rescue/shelter group or something else in Canada?

    Arborrier looks like he is doing a good job, do you think he could come to our house and help us fertilize our fruit trees?

    Ok, enough questions for the day.
    PS- Jerry and Ben's caramel apples with sprinkles sound amazing.

    1. Yes to the same farm with snowdrops (and daffodils and hyacinths)...
      Yes to Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals... they are going to have a coffee shop too!
      I could send Arborrier down to you but I don't know that he actually does yard work... He just hangs out and looks fierce...

    2. Hmm, I need someone to help with yardwork. Maybe Arborrier can help keep my staff (i.e. roommates) on task?

      Is the SPCA going to contract out their coffee ship to Timmy's, Starbucks or re they going to run it themselves?

  3. the @peejayday edishun of the teddy tedaloo times iz out! your in it!

  4. Oh, I don't like it that summer is over, but the taste of new fruits.... Yummy!