Thursday, September 24, 2015

Legacy of the Hot Summer

Hullo bears & not-a-bears! You know it was a beary dry summer here? Well.. we also had our fair share of brush fires. There was one that took place on August 21... and I went and had a look at it in early September (yes... dreadfully behind on blog adventures). Sooo... let's get started then, shall we.

Oh... we have an audience over there in the grass! Do you see him?

Heh-heh... a kitty! Looks a bit like Spooky but the white is different on the face.

 This big old vacant lot is a beary good blackberry patch. Everything looks lush and green here... well.... as lush and green as things look after a dry summer... but you get the idea.

A nice sunrise too...

But then, over here... we see the fire damage.

It was a brush fire and beary windy that day, so the firefighters worked beary hard to keep it away from nearby homes.

But already... just two weeks after the fire, you can see new life coming up!

And mobile ones too!

That big old oak tree got a little crisped on the one side..

It was on someone's property, at the back end... they were lucky.

There is lots of grass coming up...

Some of the arbutus trees look like they survived OK... the bark was a bit blackened.

But not too bad.

The leaves are another matter... I'm hoping that next spring it will come back?

This vacant lot had a lot of brush on it... but with all of that burnt away, you can see signs of humans here...

Right here, we have the edge of the burnt area... captured in one branch and even one leaf...

The firefighters said that the fire started in a homeless camp... and I think we've found that spot... an old couch.

Some little propane bottles....

A melted plastic lawn chair and a lighter...

And some more bits and pieces... there was even a shopping cart in there...

All Smokey Bear has to say is... Please don't play with Fire!


  1. It looks beary dry where you are Sandy. We've had a lot of rain and so everything is still green here, but the leaves have slowly begun to change colors. Halloween is right around the corner! Oh, and we love your new header photo!

    1. It was beary dry but we are getting rain now. We don't really do fall colours here... go straight from green to dry brown... sigh

  2. We have started to get some rain the last couple of weeks. Fall seems to be coming to soon.

    1. Yes, fall is here too. Although we had 19C today... it gets down to 10C at night