Saturday, September 12, 2015

Garden Update

Well... back from our mini-holiday and it's time to check on the garden. Let's go have a look.

Errr... wow... Can you tell what this is?

Yup, it's basil... beary healthy looking basil!

We are going to have to pick some of that.

The yellow beans are still making new beans. Yum!

Beets are ready for picking.

This is our little Burning Bush pepper... they are habanero peppers. Call the fire department!

Our delicata winter squash (not zucchini like we first thought).

Red cabbage coming along nicely.

A bed of kale (heh-heh)... it perked up after we thinned it out a bit.

We have a mega-accidental tomato in the carrot patch.

We think this is an accidental Japanese maple...

Oh... and do you see that patch of yellow grass behind the butterfly bush? Yup... another garden plot coming soon...

Turnips are almost ready.

And... we have a new crop of radishes coming up. They like cooler weather so should do well.

Shed was re-organized with the big shelf from the laundry room, which was evicted to make room for a small freezer.

Oh... and the prune plums are ready!

They are sooooo yummy!

Can you see??? The bees are out and they like the cosmo flowers...

But they don't hold still for photographs... or tagging. I thought if I tagged one I could follow it back to the honey hive but... no luck.

Righto... so we processed some basil. We made some pesto but most of it we just turned into basil paste and froze... we can do all sorts of things with it later.

We also blanched and froze the kale...

More basil???

Anybody want some basil???


  1. Where's Sandy? The jungles of Africa? the rain forests of the Amazon? Nope, just browsing the basil plants. :)

    Wow, it feels like your garden grew very fast! Can't believe summer is over already. *sigh*

    1. It did grow beary fast! Those basil were just little seedlings - then we ripped out the peas once they were done and spread out the basil and... voila... basil forest.

  2. How many basil plants did you plant this year? We did two and are running out of ideas to do with all the basil. Usually, we make Pesto but we've had such a good summer that we have a ton of Pesto. Maybe I will tell my roommates to freeze the basil in ice cube containers.

    Now that you are done processing your garden can you come down here and lend a paw in our garden?

    1. Welll... someone in the household loves basil so they were generously seeded and then transplanted. So... probably 50? We are drowning in basil but... we gave some away, dried some, pureed some (and froze it) and made basil pesto. I see some chicken pesto pizza in my future.

  3. Your garden looks great! That basil looks fantastic! Ours got sick--too much water or was it the 40 degree overnight temperature last night! Too cold too soon!

    1. Yeah, ours was getting a little black on the edges last week so it's under some plastic now. The red basil that was left outside is toast.

  4. Such a beautiful garden! If you keep adding more and more plots you will soon have a farm-ette and have to open a veggie stand to sell your produce. Too bad the bees weren't cooperative to being tracked. Honey would've been a nice addition to your harvest for winter.

    1. Can you imagine? Me selling produce! What a neat thought. I am trying to convince the humans to get some bees but... no luck so far. They ramble on about maybe getting Mason bees next year - they are good pollinators but don't make hives. Hmph!

  5. Sandy, you could open a little roadside farm stand with all of those fresh fruits and vegetables! And why don't you get some bee hives and harvest some honey also? Then all you have to do is to look cute and lots of people will come buy your goods!

  6. I came for the Bearista Bear and stayed for the garden! WOW!!!