Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dear Queen Elizabeth II - Happy Longest-Reigning British Monarch Day!!!

Yup, it's official. Today, September 9, 2015, Queen Elizabeth II goes down in history as the longest-reigning British Monarch in history. Her Great Great Grandmother Victoria was the previous champion...

On top of that... Elizabeth is now the Longest-Reigning Female Monarch in World History.

On behalf of Canadian stuffies everywhere, I, Stuffie Ambassador Alexander Mackenzie Bear, would like to personally offer my congratulations.

Of course... if Her Majesty she would like for me to come and offer them in person, I could do that... as long as my flight, and that of my human entourage, were paid for...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!


  1. This is lovely Sandy, long live Queen Lillibet x

  2. Thanks Dumpy! I think she's a pretty classy lady.

  3. Way to go Queen Elizabeth II. You know, if you need any ambassadors from the USA to join you on that all expense paid trip to celebrate the queen feel free to let me know. I can clear my schedule at a moments notice.

  4. I'm sure they're celebrating at the Palace with tea and biscuits...and plenty of honey.

  5. You make a great stuffie ambassador Sandy! That outfit looks beary regal. We think, to celebrate this great event, that all seKretaries should be required to take us stuffies to the nearest Starbucks for treats and hot chocolate, so that we could raise our mocha cup to the Queen!

  6. @Little Fox - You are first in line for a US Ambassador. Good to know that your schedule is flexible.

    @Droop - I would think so! Although I do believe the Queen is up at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Maybe she's having a shot of good Scottish Scotch?

    @Jerry & Ben - I do, don't I? I'm all for raising a hot chocolate toast to the Queen!