Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quadra Island - Petroglyphs

Good morning! My goodness, look at the view out our lodge window! I totally missed that last night in my exhaustion.

This is nice!!

Let's have a look around here this morning.

Hmmm... the lodge says that there are petroglyphs down on the beach on some granite boulders... Optimum viewing is 10:30 am (combination of sun and tides). (And yes... this adventure is getting posted weeks after we were there!)

Wow... what a grand hall!

Alright... let's go find some petroglyphs...

I think they are this way...

Cool... not a petroglyph but interesting...

Ohhh... these are interesting... they are apparently part of the petroglyphs but just indentations in the stone that someone carved 1000s of years ago...

It's a good thing Mama knows her rocks otherwise I think I'd be looking at all the volcanic boulders as well.

Hmmm... maybe I can see some from up here...

Ummm... help?! Stuck!!!

OH!!!! I found one!!! Do you see it??

It's a face of someone...

Carved into the stone...

And here's another one!!! Some of those round indentations and a face...

I think this one looks like an angry sasquatch...

And another one!

This one looks angry too...

Apparently there are more than 50 petroglyph boulders... we found 4 which is pretty good I think...

There's an eagle up in that tree! Do you see it? Mama, can you get a better picture?

Ah... OK... much better picture!


  1. The Grand Hall looks awesome. A perfect place to have the Stuffy convention.

    The picture your Mom got of the eagle is amazing - great shot. I didn't know if you know this or not but I read some petroglyphs, those all say "Feed Little Bears Salmon".

    1. Really!? That's amazing!! I will make sure that I pass that along... rumour has it that we are looking at procuring some salmon through... er... you know... surreptitious dealings. Shhh...

  2. Those sure are a lot of rocks! Did you see any images of little bears? Surely there were little bears around back would the humans survive without us to manage things!

    1. Well, I wasn't quite sure if some of them could have been little bears... hard to tell. I am pretty sure there were little bears around back then, quite primitive perhaps...

    2. Primitive perhaps, we agree, but certainly WAY more advanced than the humans.

    3. NeanderBears...and Cro-MagnoBears

  3. Neanderbears!!! Oh that's good!! and Cro-Magnobears. I like that! Jerry and Ben are right. I think humanity would have evolved much more quickly if they had recruited little bears as supervisors much earlier!

  4. Certainly they would have learned to fish much faster.

    1. Although... I do think they were more interested in recruiting dogs than bears! Heh-heh...