Sunday, June 21, 2015

Quadra Island - Beachcomber Bear

I'm on a holiday!!!! Oh boy... We drove up island and came to a place called Miracle Beach. It was quite nice but mostly a rocky beach...

They had a map where you could look across the strait and try to identify the mountains on the mainland... hmmm... shouldn't there be an Alexander Mackenzie Mountain somewhere?

Alright, time for lunch!

Ahhh... after a satisfying lunch of salmon and honey, I'm ready for more adventures.

Hmmm... we saw some people out there digging for things... buried treasure or maybe clams or sand dollars? We won't find out because we are hitting the road again.

We made it! We are on the ferry to Quadra Island... it looks kind of weird because it has a bear high cargo hold for semi-trucks and logging trucks. Not much of a view from where we were either.

Hmmm... I think we should go out back and see what we can see.

And as soon as the ferry started up, everyone in the car agreed because we were parked right next to one of the engine vents - beary noisy!

Ah... that's better...

Bye-bye Campbell River...

Hello Quadra Island and adventure! The ferry ride was only 8 or 10 minutes, barely enough time to take some photographs.

After getting off the ferry, we headed for a place called Rebecca Spit. It's supposed to be beary cool...

This looks promising...

Oh... my... goodnes... Driftwood as far as the eye can see...

And more driftwood this way. Apparently there is even more in the winter-time. Hard to believe.

Righto then... let's see what we can find!

Ooohhh... I like this one... can we take it home?

I think this one looks like something... a dragon? a giraffe?

Whew... after gathering a bunch of driftwood, we went to a local pub for a bit of a drink. They had a big propane tank out front...

That someone had painted with orcas... cool!

And finally our room at the lodge... I am one pooped little bear...

But I like the art in here... more orcas!


  1. Replies
    1. It was, wasn't it?? It's like watching clouds go by...

  2. What a cool adventure. Ferry rides (although that might not be as exciting for you as it would be for other stuffies), beaches, driftwood that looks like a giraffe and a nice lodge to spend the night. Did you eat in the lodge? I bet they serve a great salmon and it looks like the kind of lodge that serves fresh baked cookies.

    After all the work you did a few weeks ago you certainly deserve a holiday.

    1. We had breakfast in the lodge and dinner on one night - it was not cheap eats! But the salmon was scrumptious. Didn't see a single baked cookie the whole trip... sigh.

  3. Salmon and a trip! you are one lucky bear. However, we think that you need to have a talk with your seKretary about traveling without a stash of chocolate chip cookies.

    1. Yes well... there is that... although the salmon did make up for it. And there was a delectable chocolate fudge dessert which was to-die-for!

  4. what an interesting piece of driftwood! did you take any home with you? the pillows on your hotel bed look beary comfortable.

    1. Oh yes... we tucked a few pieces into the truck. There was soooo much though, that it was a bit overwhelming and we were a bit too selective I think. We should have picked up way more... but nobody listens to me sometimes.

  5. Rebecca Spit? That's not nice! Whom did she spit at??

    1. Mmm... she probably spit out a mosquito or something... just hope she didn't spit into the wind!