Friday, June 12, 2015

Heading back Home

Hullo - today is our last day in Vancouver and I was kind of dreading the bus ride to the ferry... we had a lot of bags of plants to schlep along! But... luckily we hitched a ride and got a hike too!

I love sword ferns... they are so pretty and green.

Oh, a tent caterpillar...

Heh-heh... Rose isn't so shy with me anymore! Ummm... is that hot chocolate in that cup???

 This used to be a HUGE tree!

And a lovely black banana slug...

Yup... that was hot chocolate and Rose let me have some too!

I do think I would make a great model for a bear clothing catalogue...

Here we go! Rose and Mama had a long discussion about who's lived in Vancouver longer and who knows Light House park better.

Of course Daisy was along for the hike as well!

Do you see the lighthouse?

It's quite pretty... And you see that point of land in the background? that is Point Grey where UBC is located. I hope TEddie Bauer is enjoying himself at his bare-bottom bear beach!

It's a nice sunny day too...

 This plaque had a bit of history about the lighthouse. I think it's all automated now but way back in the Middle Ages (or even earlier), it had a lighthouse keeper.

We didn't really go near the lighthouse, but went the other way along the oceanside cliffs.
 Rose wanted to show off her rock-climbing skills... It looks quite steep to me...

Oh, some pretty lilies!!

Some gorgeous views of the water from here.

There's UBC again in the background. Buy TEddie!

The nootka roses are in full bloom... this is "someone's" favourite flower - can you guess who that might be??

Alrighty... time to go and catch the ferry. I had a great trip to Vancouver - must make a note for my sekrebeary evaluation!


  1. What a lovely adventure sandy, Thankyou for sharing I really loved it x

  2. Is the lighthouse in Stanley Park?

    Glad to see Rose is drinking (and sharing) Starbucks Hot Chocolate. Did you stop by Timmies on the way to the ferry for a honey dipped donut or some Timbits?

    1. Oh yes, and Daisy even got a pup-o-chino... a tiny cup with whipped cream in it. I'm not sure about that but maybe Droopy could comment on the health effects of whipped cream on dogs. The lighthouse park is actually in West Van, just before Horseshoe Bay. No Timmies unfortunately. Mama says I need to cut back on my sugar intake... so it was either give up hot chocolate or Timmies... what a dilemma!

  3. Rose is beary pretty! Will she start her own blog?

    I think you'd do well as a bear model for a TEddie Bauer catalog.

  4. Not sure about whipped cream and dogs, but based on recent experience, I personally would skip the underlying caffeinated beverage.

    1. Good point, I think it's better for dogs to stick with bacon.