Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Garlic Scape Pesto

Hullo... this post is... again... several weeks old. Sigh. I am having so many adventures it is hard to keep up! We are out to harvest some stuff in the garden.

But first, I wanted to show you our fuschia... this was the one that we had last year, cut back to nothing and overwintered in the shed.

It's doing pretty good I think!

Righto... here are the peas. There are a few left (we picked most of them a couple of weeks ago).

The beans are coming along (actually, they are all harvested now!).

And here we have the garlic scapes!

There sure are a lot of them.

You know... it's awfully hot out... and this involves a knife...

So, I'll just sit in the shade of the kale and supervise, OK?

Garlic scapes are pretty cheeky!

Alright... that is quite the pile of scapes...

Quality control... were any missed???

Ah-hah!!! Yup, here's one... good thing I'm here to supervise. (I must learn to do up an invoice like Little Fox does).

Now... we have a pile of scapes and, I have to admit they were a bit earlier this year than last year.

So a few scape thingies are already trying to become flowers. We picked those out.

Chopped up all the scape thingies... Oh, by the way, we are making garlic scape pesto!

Got out the food processor... (most handy kitchen tool EVER!)

Put in the blade thingie...

And then remembered we need to add more than just scapes.

 Let's see... we need some lemon juice, some olive oil... we're not doing parmesan this time - can add that later.

And some walnuts. Hmm... seem to be running low on those.

Then you whip it around the food processor for a while...

And add the olive oil until you get a good consistency.

And then pop it into jars and into the freezer! Leave a bit of room in the jars otherwise the pesto will crack the jars. Voila!


  1. The fushcia is lovely, & you look so smart in your gardening clothes, I like the cooking lesson too, will try it Sandy, Thankyou xxx

    1. Thanks Dumpy! It is beary tasty pesto although you might not want to eat it before going to work... you'd smell a bit garlicky!

  2. Wow you have been a busy bear in the garden and in the kitchen. I haven't heard of garlic scapes before. The pesto looks good but is it as nice as honey.

    1. I'd never heard of garlic scapes before either until our pal Richard made a pesto out of them... it's kinda cool!

  3. Your garden looks great Sandy! The pesto looks super yummy, we bet especially on little toasted bread or on fish? Yummy!