Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Bare-Bottomed Bear Beach Pilgrim

I really do think every stuffie should do a sekrebeary evaluation more often. Since I've done mine, things have improved dramatically! Case in point... I am off to Vancouver this fine morning! On the ferry of course... I can't wait to see what we're going to do over there!

Time to get snuggled into Mama's backpack for the long walk onto the ferry... But once we were on the ferry...

I saw this bear sitting on a life-jacket box! Holy mackeral!! I never meet other stuffies out here!!!

Well... hello!!! My name's Sandy Bear! He said that his name was TEddie Bauer! OOOHHH!!! Like from the Eddie Bauer lineage??? Yup! Wow...

I sat down with TEddie Bauer and told Mama to buzz off for a while! It's so cool to hang out with another bear for a change!

I learned that TEddie was from the Yukon, up in Dawson City. He'd been panning gold and made his fortune and decided to head south. Cool! TEddie had been hitch-hiking south from the Yukon for several weeks. Every time he got a ride, he would give the people a piece of his clothing as thanks. His boots got him to Whitehorse. His gloves got him to Stewart (and Hyder)... where he spent a bit of time getting Hyderized.

Oh... the ferry is leaving... this is a cool part because they blow the horn and it's really loud and all the humans cover their ears... but we stuffies are immune to that! TEddie told me that his pants took him to Prince Rupert. From there, he finagled his way onto the Queen of Prince Rupert as a deckhand. He got off in Port Hardy and got another ride (via his scarf) down to here! Cool! That is quite the story... but... oh wait...

After we left the berth, it got pretty windy on the outer decks so we headed indoors to chat a bit more. I wanted to know where he was going?? And what was he going to do after he runs out of clothes???? Well, turned out he wasn't all that fond of wearing all those clothes (sounds a bit like Ajdin if you ask me)... and so he was looking for a Bare-Bottomed Bear Beach (B4 for short). Whew... I had to admit that I didn't know of any beaches like that but Mama (who had found us by that point) said that there was Wreck Beach below UBC... She had personally never been there but... she had heard about it and thought that TEddie might find what he was looking for there! And it just so happened that we were headed out to UBC! Excellent!

And voila... here we are. (The bus was crazy busy - so no room for pictures)...

UBC is a beary beautiful campus and we had some fun together for a while...

Oh look, the lupines are in bloom!

Heh-heh... maybe one day I will come here and get a degree in Bearology!

Mama had to look up some stuff in the library (boring) so TEddie and I had time to park our bear-bums (only one of which was actually bare!) onto a chair and catch up on the news.

Finally, it was time to bid TEddie farewell... He was so grateful for our help that he wanted to give us something. I rather liked his vest but... he's a tad bigger than me soo...

Oh... err... gee... Thanks TEddie! Wow, he looks good... gold mining must be hard work...

TEddie thanked us again, gave me a big bear hug and headed off into the sunset. At least he still has his hat in case he needs it...

And I have a vest and sweater that I'm pretty sure are too big for me... I wonder... anyone think they are TEddie's size??? Anyone?


  1. Wow, a ferry ride, a new friend, and a new outfit, that's quite the adventure.

    I haven't been to Dawson (or the Yukon for that matter) but I think it would be fun to drive from the southern most part of British Columbia to Anchorage Alaska some day. I imagine that scenery through Yukon Territories and Northern BC would be amazing and even though it's not really on the way a stop in Northwest Territories seems appropriate too.

    1. It was a grand adventure! I do need to do sekrebeary evaluations more often it seems.

      I haven't been all that far north, but Mama says the fireweed in Northern BC and the Yukon are amazing... Did you know that honey made from fireweed has a very delicate flavour? Mmmmmmm....

  2. Sandy would you like my pants also?

    1. Ummm... I don't know if they will fit me Adjdin. This vest and sweater are way too big on me too. Unless, of course, I eat a tonne of honey and salmon and ice cream and get bigger. But Mama has folder her arms and is giving me "the eye"...