Thursday, July 10, 2014

On the Hunt for Gnomes

Hullo... a few months ago, I found a trail with gnome homes! Mind you, there were supposedly 10 gnome homes and I only found 4 or 5 but... today, I am going to try again..

Today is a beary good day for this because... although it is raining... I have Daisy the Dog for a visit... and she has a good gnome gnose!

And young Rose is back too!! She is a beary accomplished sniffer out of faeries and gnomes are distantly related to faeries... so we should be good.

Did I mention that it is raining?? Well it is... luckily I have my rain slicker.

Oh yes... the first gnome door... this one is easy to find, right off the trail.

Others have these signs pointing to them so they are easy too...

But some of them are harder to find because they are off the beaten path...

That's where Rose comes in handy!! She found a gnome door way over there on that old stump!

She is a beary good gnome door finder...

This one even has a gnome at home! Do you see him in front of his door? He was making tea but I couldn't fit through the door so...

Mind you... the red huckleberries are out... there is one just to the right of my nose... They are still a bit sour yet. I tried some blue Oregon Grape berries and promptly spit them out... bah!!! Beary sour and tasted beary "green". Maybe Little Fox knows when they are ready? Or are they just baking berries?

The forest can be beary pretty in the rain though...

This snail was munching on some lichen... but in the middle of the trail so I moved him and his lichen patch to the side of the trail...

Nope... no bears sighted on this trail!! Heh-heh!


  1. I can't believe it's raining up there, we have been having really warm weather (too warm for a little stuffy).

    Glad to see Daisy and Rose are back in the picture and I hope you found all ten gnome homes. Is Daisy any good at scaring the critters out of your garden?

    I only know of Oregon Grape Jam (adding a ton of sugar probably makes the berries sweeter) and that's about it. As far as a state flower goes it's not the most exciting one out there.

    1. Well... the rain was from the weekend and yes... it did rain - but now we have scorching sunshine and +30! We only found 9 out of 10 gnome homes - which was much better than last time. Rose was good at sniffing them out.
      I'm thinking the Oregon Grape might not be quite ready yet... will give it a bit more time and then see...

  2. Gnome homes! Rose did a great job. We have a little gnome living in our herb garden, but we don't speak gnomish...we have to find out what his name is.

    1. Hmm... a gnome in your garden - you need to watch more Lord of the Rings - don't they speak gnomish in there? Or is it Dwarvish?

  3. That is a great rain outfit, Sandy. I will have to ask my mom to get something like that for me. Nice to see your garden helper Rose is back in action!

    1. Thanks Ajdin - it was a second-hand find and it works great! I saw a Canadian Mountie outfit the other day but it would have been way too big for me... might have fitted you though. Keep your eyes open for new outfits!