Sunday, July 6, 2014

Garden Update - Part the Second

Righto... now we get to the good part!

The strawberries are doing beary well - nice and lush - so far we've had 3 strawberries off of them, but there are more growing. We think some mice might be nibbling them too because some strawberries have a bite taken out of them.

This is one of our pea rows... they are doing amazing!

And it's time to pick some of them because some are ripe.

I can help with this... Wow... there sure are a lot of them!

Oh boy... and someone is going to have to shuck these as well.

Our parsley is... beary happy!

So is the lettuce (left) and beets (in the front).

This is a row of baby radishes... they just got thinned...

And rows of spinach and mesculan (salad mix).

The garlic, now that we've harvested the scapes, is starting to wilt at the bottom. Which is good. Our go-to-farmer-guy-named-Richard says once 1/3 of the leaves at the bottom have wilted then they are good to pick.

These are our zucchini plants - we put seeds in the ground in late May... next year I would put them out in April.. we are on the balmy west coast after all!

The squash seeds are a little bit farther behind.

And these squash seeds only put out one plant... not sure what happened to the rest.

We also planted sunflowers... they are coming along nicely.

Here are the raspberries... I think it's time to put some string/wire up for a lateral support for them...

At the end of the raspberry row (either end) we planted Red Sprinter Beans... err... Scarlet Runner Beans. They are climbing up the string that Mama tied for them.

Finally... our potato experiment! In the spring we had two old potatoes in the cupboard which had sprouted already... so Mama put them in this old tub and kept adding dirt as they grew... let's see if they've done anything.

I let Mama dig into the ground and dig and dig to the bottom looking for potatoes... and what did she find??

Potatoes!! Our very own potatoes!


Awwww look... some of them are just my size!

So that is the harvest for today, spinach and salad, peas and potatoes... not bad for a first harvest. Have you harvested anything from your garden yet?


  1. Your garden looks amazing Sandy! Those potatoes and beans will make a yummy supper! Will you help cook too? Maybe Ben could cover over and lend you Mom a hand in the kitchen!

    1. Oh Mama could definitely use a hand in the kitchen!! She's more of a hunter/gatherer rather than a chef...

  2. That's a great harvest Sandy. I need to supervise the trimming of the tomato plants and the picking of the beans tonight. Ah, a supervisors work is never done.

    1. That is beary true! Stuffies make beary good supervisors... but sometimes those humans need a swift book in the bum to get them motivated...