Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Belated Mail

Hullo!! Can you believe it... I had an adventure last week and my sekrebeary forgot to post about it before she went to Vancouver!! Sigh... Anyhow... I got mail! From Jerry and Ben!

It was raining that day so I had to wear my rain slicker to pick up the mail.

Oh wow!! They sent a couple of cards and a brochure from Minnesota!

There sure is a lot to see there...

The map has cool pictures so you can see what some of the attractions are.

There is a place in the Twin Cities called Alexander Ramsey House... I think that sounds like a cool place!

I think you could spend a lot of time in Minnesota...

Thanks guys!! I should see if we have maps like this...


  1. I think I got a similar map from Jerry and Ben as well. It seems like there is quite a bit to do in Minnesota, at least more than I thought. One of my roommates lived in Wisconsin for a year but never visited Minnesota unless he was driving through.

    I heard they have a Spam museum there. I would like to see what Chef Ben could make with Spam. It might be a good challenge for him.

  2. A Spam museum!! That sounds interesting. I too would like to know what Chef Ben would make with spam... Ah-hem... Chef Ben?? Over to you!!

  3. Glad you both got the little packages! Come for a visit! We have lots to do and lots of honey!

    1. Oh yes... and it makes me beary jealous! I want to travel too!

      Ah-hem... no Spam recipes from Chef Ben?