Friday, May 30, 2014

Island Getaway - Part 2

Now... just to check out where we are on the map... we are almost half way around the island.

This end has smaller trees but...

the moss is super cushy and comfy!

Now that... that is a real ferry!

Wait a minute... what the heck are these things?? Are they real? Yes they are... I am beary perplexed. Of course Mama didn't bring her plant book... but hmmm... maybe something like an Indian Pipe - those plants that are not mushrooms and not real plants but symbiotic?

They look like coloured pine-cones... beary cute... but beary strange.

And more strange plants! These are also plants that are symbiotic (so like Indian Pipe) - and Mama thinks they are Spotted Coral-Root...

They look like tiny orchids.

Heh-heh... this spot looks like a giant has been throwing rocks around... rocks the size of houses.

They sure are big. I wonder if any elves live in there? Or little bears?

Apparently there was a coal mine on the island back in the olden days (Jerry and Ben, that's even before the Middle Ages!).

This looks like the foundation of a building.

And this might be an old boiler???

So far, no mine though... but that's OK because there are all sorts of other things to look at... like a Hammie-coloured butterfly!

And a raccoon!! He is beary cute but not super-photogenic.

Although I am... especially when it is time for lunch!

OK... more weird plants.... same as the earlier ones except purple...

It got to the point where Mama pulled out her phone and did some searching online and... came up with a name. They are called... (drum-roll please)... Ground-cones. Uh-huh... that figures. And they belong to the symbiotic group of plants without chlorophyll... cool.

Too many weird plants... now I think I've found something Little Fox will like... I think this is Bear Grass!!

 More giant-thrown rocks... except these look different. They look... roundish?

Hmmm... I think I will call this place The Mysterious Island! Mama says I can't use that name because some guy named Jules Verne already used it... fine... I will call it Mystery Island!

And round holes too... Maybe the giants were playing games here - fitting round rocks into round holes?

Ah... no... these rocks were used at pulp mills as grind stones - think of a mill stone except bigger.

 And that's the thing that made them... Beary neat. I like this island and I will have to get Mama to take me back here.


  1. What a great adventure! The lunch looks yummy, we hoped your mom packed some honey and crackers for you. Ben says that Jules Verne was French! We haven't posted much lately because we've been busy in our garden. Jerry says we'll make a garden post soon.

    1. Thanks guys! Oh yes, gardening can take up a lot of time and energy! I know how that goes and it is beary important to supervise the helpers so I'm sure you have both been beary busy (Jerry supervising gardening and Ben providing snacks)! Can't wait to see the garden post... (I is an impatient bear...)

    2. Our garden isn't as big as yours Sandy, but we sure do enjoy working outside and watching all the flowers and plants grow. Oh, and Jerry says don't forget about the BEES!

  2. Great adventure Sandy! Looks like it was beary fun. I am curious about the lunch, was that a cutting board I saw? Did you have French Bread for your lunch? My favorite bread is French. Ben do you have any recipes that compliment French Bread?

    I always like exploring old areas myself - farms, ranches, mines etc. The raccoons are beary cute although my roommates always get afraid of the raccoons and we ALWAYS keep our distance from them.

  3. Thanks Little Fox. The green thing that I am sitting on? That is a garden kneeling pad! Mama carries one in her backpack as it is great to sit on when things are dirty or wet or pokey... No French bread, although that would be a great idea!

    Old places are always fun to explore. Raccoons can be vicious... and they eat can kill stray cats! Let's not even think about what they would do to a stuffie!

  4. A gardening pad, great idea. And if you want to pull some weeds you are set. I like to stay as dry as possible on my hikes as well.

  5. Oh yes, staying dry is beary important... unless you are going swimming of course, in which getting wet is par for the course. Although, as a stuffie, I try to stay as dry as possible!