Sunday, May 18, 2014

Checking in on the Apple Trees

I got to go for a little hike today - the original plan was to take pictures of lilac bushes... but there weren't any where we went. So it became a "let's check on the apple trees" adventure.

Last time I was here was in late March... it sure is a lot greener!

And the bunny rabbits make sure to give all the bushes a trim on their lower branches.

Speaking of bunny rabbits - there's one now!

There was a carpet of tiny pink flowers which looked beary beautiful.

I like checking out the flowers and trees - this is a hawthorne bush/tree.

Whoa! It's a camas flower!! I thought these only grew down by the water but... here is one. I wonder if he is a lone straggler?

And what have we here... do you see them??

It's a whole big patch of the chocolate lilies!! I like these flowers a lot.

And more camas! The First Nations people used to eat the bulbs for food - sort of tasted like sweet potatoes. But now it is an endangered flower - so I have to be careful.

Ah yes... here is oak tree (the camas lives together with the oaks) and a whole meadow of them!

They are soooo pretty!

But we must move on... still no sign of apple trees. I am an easily distracted little bear!

Uh-oh... it's going to be that sort of a year is it? This is a nest of baby tent-caterpillars - they can eat all the leaves on trees quite quickly. I hope they stay away from the apple trees!

Whew... this is sure a long hike - why did Mama park so far away?

Ah-hah... here we are - this is the old burnt out farmstead - and these are bluebell flowers.

And finally an apple tree - they are still only making flowers. So I suppose I have to wait a few weeks/months before any are ready. I've heard that black bears come down here in the fall to eat the apples. I wonder if I could borrow Little Fox's flag and stake this area for stuffies!?

More bunnies...

And more flowers! This was a great little hike. I like to explore things - not just my garden! I am an adventuring bear after all.


  1. It looks like you made a new bunny friend, Sandy. Did he/she have anything interesting to say? I try to speak a bit of Bunnish every now and then when I see them.

    1. Well, I think these bunnies aren't used to friendly bears - they scamper away as soon as I smile at them. Sigh.

  2. Is that the place where you saw all the rabbits a few months ago? We saw a few Chocolate Lillies last week, they are so delicate and such a treat to see. Perhaps your SeKrebeary could invest in a wagon or some sort of electric scooter so you would not have to walk all the way back to the car? I hope you were treated to something from Starbucks as your reward for being such a good hiker and spotting the Chocolate Lilies?

    1. Yup, that's the place - lots of rabbits there! I like the idea of a scooter as well - but a hot chocolate reward works too!

  3. Chocolate lillies? Yummy. Jerry says it's best to get rid of the tent katypeelers..they do a lot of damage to trees.