Friday, May 30, 2014

Island Getaway - Part 2

Now... just to check out where we are on the map... we are almost half way around the island.

This end has smaller trees but...

the moss is super cushy and comfy!

Now that... that is a real ferry!

Wait a minute... what the heck are these things?? Are they real? Yes they are... I am beary perplexed. Of course Mama didn't bring her plant book... but hmmm... maybe something like an Indian Pipe - those plants that are not mushrooms and not real plants but symbiotic?

They look like coloured pine-cones... beary cute... but beary strange.

And more strange plants! These are also plants that are symbiotic (so like Indian Pipe) - and Mama thinks they are Spotted Coral-Root...

They look like tiny orchids.

Heh-heh... this spot looks like a giant has been throwing rocks around... rocks the size of houses.

They sure are big. I wonder if any elves live in there? Or little bears?

Apparently there was a coal mine on the island back in the olden days (Jerry and Ben, that's even before the Middle Ages!).

This looks like the foundation of a building.

And this might be an old boiler???

So far, no mine though... but that's OK because there are all sorts of other things to look at... like a Hammie-coloured butterfly!

And a raccoon!! He is beary cute but not super-photogenic.

Although I am... especially when it is time for lunch!

OK... more weird plants.... same as the earlier ones except purple...

It got to the point where Mama pulled out her phone and did some searching online and... came up with a name. They are called... (drum-roll please)... Ground-cones. Uh-huh... that figures. And they belong to the symbiotic group of plants without chlorophyll... cool.

Too many weird plants... now I think I've found something Little Fox will like... I think this is Bear Grass!!

 More giant-thrown rocks... except these look different. They look... roundish?

Hmmm... I think I will call this place The Mysterious Island! Mama says I can't use that name because some guy named Jules Verne already used it... fine... I will call it Mystery Island!

And round holes too... Maybe the giants were playing games here - fitting round rocks into round holes?

Ah... no... these rocks were used at pulp mills as grind stones - think of a mill stone except bigger.

 And that's the thing that made them... Beary neat. I like this island and I will have to get Mama to take me back here.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Island Getaway - Part 1

Another belated adventure - heh-heh... This was a Victoria Day weekend trip that we sort of did spur of the moment. We are going to a little island in the harbour. It is a provincial park and there are no cars allowed... only bikes, bears and bear-companions.

First we have to take a ferry out there... I wonder where the ferry is?

Er... that's it??? That's not a ferry, that's a teeny tiny bumble boat... I think I might get sea-sick... gulp!

Luckily, I didn't get sea-sick. Little bears sometimes have tough stomachs.

It is a gorgeous day and way off in the distance you can see....

A big cruise ship! I'm amazed that things fits in the harbour.

I saw a mural for some racoons which I thought Beanie would like. I wonder if we'll see any on the island?

A totem pole or two... and...

Let's hike!! I'm ready!

Good thing we got a map... let's see... we are here and... we want to go there....

Mama says first we have to check the tide tables... of course there is an app for that... and we are in luck, the tide is going out.

Which may explain why the geese are hanging around on land... those goslings are are big.

The meadow is covered with little tiny white flowers that look a bit like daisies... In German they are called Gänzeblümchen (Geese Flowers).... hmmmm...

Maybe that's why there are so many geese here?

OK... I am ready for some beach time.

A scramble down the slope... careful...

And I'm here!! Whew... it sure is hot out today.

It is nice just to sit on a warm log and watch the sun flash off the waves.

Of course, Mama gets distracted and that means it's easy to hide on her too! Can you see me?

Heh-heh... there I am!

 Alright, enough sitting on the beach, I want to explore!

 It is a beary nice pathway, I must say... perfectly suited for little bears. And we were on the first ferry/boat over so nobody else is around.

Oh dear... it's only May... I hope this doesn't mean anything!

Whoa... there is a small island out there connected to the shore by a spit of sand...

Should I go... or should I stay? Remember... the tide was going out... so I should be ok... I hope.

Heh-heh... there are beary cool rocks out there! This one went right through the stone - and my feet are dangling.

This one looks like an alien space monster or something.
 And back on terra-firma... the tide sure went out a lot in the 10 minutes I was out there... which means it would also come back in quickly if the tide was rising. Have to remember that!