Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Raging River

Hullo!!! We are still here... although it was raining tonnes and we couldn't get out... much to Sebastian's disappointment. He has been heard muttering "If I wanted rain I would stayed in Malaysia.... at least there it's warm rain!" Hmmm....

Anyhow, we did get out after the deluge stopped and went to check on a local river... Mama says that back in her turf, this would count as a creek and not a river but...

It is going at a fair clip!

Maybe we should throw sticks in and see how fast they disappear!

Whoa... it looks a bit more like a river here!

It's so green here...

And a bit grey too.

Eh? These bubbles are from the water rushing around the soil apparently. I did a blog about it ages ago...

 There's even a small waterfall... we'll call it our Niagara Falls!

I don't think it would be fun to go over that in a barrel!

 This park has some cool totem poles lying on the ground. They were probably standing up back in the Middle Ages (Mama frowns)... but their bases are all rotted, so now they lie in the leaves.

Hmm... I wonder where Sebastian went... he was just here! Oh!!! Maybe he's playing hide and seek!!

He couldn't have gotten beary far..

Ah-hah!! Found you!! Now, let me help you get out of there...

Sebastian is really missing the tropical flowers and colours back home. This is a rhododendron plant and I'm trying to convince him that once spring comes, all of these will be brilliant fuschia! Not sure he believes me...

And these yellow tree flowers didn't cut it in his books.

Oh look... these leaves look kind of tropical!

And there was a bunny rabbit too...

This was Mama experimenting with a slow shutter speed and getting the flowy water look... not bad...


  1. So green and beautiful there! Glad your got your seKretary to post some news! And you got to meet a bunny! Ben likes Bunnies! Ben wants to know if you are watching Downton Abbey...we enjoy that show.

  2. Downtown Abbey? Hmmm.... don't think so. Most times the humans have control of the remote and they like to watch things like House Hunters International and various home improvement shows... sigh... I'm negotiating control of the remote for February 2 and the Superbowl! Who are you rooting for??

  3. Be careful on that river, have you considered taking Sebastian kayaking? I think I am too small for the paddles and I don't know if they make life vests in my size but it sure looks like fun. Since the winter is been so mild here, I wonder if the wildflowers and rhododendrons are going to start coming out early this year?

    1. Oh, kayaking would be fun! I don't know about life vests in our size though... We have some snowdrops coming up here!

  4. No kayaking without a properly fitted life perserver. Would hate to see
    you lost on the river. Beautiful pictures Sandy, thanks for sharing.