Friday, October 11, 2013

First Carrots!

Hullo!! Here's an update on the garden! The spinach is doing great... I am going to be Pop-Eye bear soon because Mama has been feeding me so much of it!

These are the scallions... they still need a bit of time.

And the radishes just got planted 10 days ago so... they are still babies!

Then we have the carrots... they are doing beary well!

 Mama says we have to thin them (maybe)... so I got to pull a couple...

Oh look!!! It's a teeny-tiny orange root!

That is a bear-sized bunch of carrots! And they taste beary strongly of carrot... yum!!! But Mama says I should hold off on thinning them anymore until they are a wee bit better... guess the humans want some carrots too!


  1. Yummy! Ben helps to cook carrots in butter and chopped dill, and they are delicious!

  2. Oh what sweet tiny carrots - just bear sized. Grampa Bear likes carrots too, but he prefers that someone else pick them for him.

  3. Your garden looks so GREEN--everything here is brown...How does Sandy do it? Jerry suspects Sandy has special gardening secrets; another case to investigate for a little bear detective! hehe

  4. @JoAnn - That's a good idea... my paws get dirty if I pick carrots. Luckily Mama does most of the hard work and I just get to enjoy the produce!

    @Jerry & Ben - Hmmm.... Sandy Bear and the Mystery of the Green Garden! Yes, it is super green here... although the leaves are starting to turn colour, so we are getting some sort of Autumn.