Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Farmer's Market

Hullo!!! I know, I have been very remiss in not posting my adventures. However... it has been raining and I have been cooped up inside for days and days!! And that makes for a very unhappy little bear. But... today is different!

Today we are going on an adventure!! It's only cloudy out.. which is way better than rain.

We are going back to the island where we spent this past winter!! My old stomping grounds....

There is a big Farmer's Market here... but before we got there I wanted to take this picture for Beanie... It's an old navigational buoy... and is painted!

These are killer whales (a.k.a. orca whales).

This is an octopus! Luckily just a painted one...

This buoy was called Delta 10 (they have names??) and was stationed up near the Skeena River in NW BC...

It's fall here!!

Such pretty colours...

Here we go... Farmer's Market... I am hoping to find a honey stall!

Lots of produce... and cool-coloured peppers...

Mushrooms too!! I picked some of those last fall with Gramma...

And a friend had a stall all set up with pretty stones... but where's the honey?

We walked through the whole market and noooo honey!!! Just some beeswax candles... phooiee!!! So I had to settled for the next best thing... chocolate brownies!

Cause you see... "Chocolate is the Answer, who cares about the Question" ...

Whoa... the little fairy door tree has gotten very busy!

There are a lot more stuffies here and little things and do-dads... 

And now... a picnic on the beach! Ahhhh....

The sun even came out... and now I am too warm in my parka (story of my little bear life)...

But that's OK, because I have a chocolate brownie! Yummmm!!!!

Now it's time to sit and enjoy the sunshine... ahhh.... this is a little bear's life. I do hope thought that I will get some more adventures in the coming days and weeks... like my Halloween Costume!!


  1. Sorry you didn't get any honey Sandy. :( But you are right the next bestest thing is chocolate! :)

  2. That looks like a great farmer's market! Our leaves has just started to turn beautiful fall colors, and temperatures are getting cooler. Jerry says that you need to stock up on honey for the beary cold Canadian would be terrible to run out in the middle of a snow storm!

  3. Well that sounds like a fabulous trip to the Farmer's Market - and a brownie is always good if a bear can't find some honey.

  4. @Buttons - Oh yes, chocolate... and hot chocolate are super good!

    @Jerry & Ben - Beary true!! Mama says there is an apiary near us somewhere... but she hasn't taken me there yet... can you believe it???

    @JoAnn - Yup... (1) Honey... (2) Chocolate!!... (3) More Chocolate!

  5. Oh wow, that painted buoy is fabulous!! We posted about your medallion on Saturday on my found art blog but we think you missed it..... :o( Thank you though, it's wonderful!!!

  6. @Beanie - Ah, found your posting on the other blog! Thought you would like the painted buoy too...

  7. Bad luck , no honey but chocolate cookies are a good substitute. You had a nice adventure going to an island for the markets and a picnic. Glad the sun came out for you. Those Fall colours are bootiful, we don't have Fall or colours here just warm weather all the time.