Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Fall Hike

I got to go out for a hike today!! I have been waiting patiently (not a common little bear virtue!) and finally it paid off. And yes, it is still shirt sleeve weather... 12C during the day... practically balmy.

We hiked to this lake... isn't it beautiful?

It's nice to just sit and enjoy the view and not have to try and keep up with Mama in the garden. I warned her that planting too many things was going to lead to more work later (and less hiking adventures)... but does she listen to me?? Nooooo....

There were a bunch of mushrooms along the trail and I kept a sharp eye out for chantrelles... these are not them. These are just common russula...

Ooooh... pretty view!!

These are cute mushrooms but not what I am looking for...

And these are just puffballs...

Icky ones... these are growing on a tree and aren't edible either...

Ah well, at least I had a good hike and got to enjoy some beautiful fall weather!


  1. How do you know an icky mushroom from an edible one???

  2. Beautiful photos! We agree about those darn sekretaries...if they'd only listen to little bears more often, life would go along more smoothly!

    Then again, those sekretaries do make us yummy cocoa and tuck us in at night, so I guess we just have to learn to compromise...

  3. @Beanie - Oooh!! Good question... long answer! Mushroom books, Grammas and being beary careful! Stick with some clearly identifiable edible ones and stay away from questionable ones... Rule of thumb... caps with spongy bottoms are more-often-than-not edible (but maybe not palatable)... caps with gill bottoms are more-often-than-not questionable (but maybe not poisonous). Of course there are always exceptions to both rules... Funny mushrooms that grow on trees fall in the icky category!

    @Jerry & Ben - Yes, compromise... that's a big word for a little bear! I have a surprise coming up!! I am horrible at sitting on surprises... enough to say that this little bear is going on a trip with Mama's partner... a BIG trip! I begged Mama to let me go and after a long list of rules from her (and me nodding excitedly)... I get to go!! More in a week or two!

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful autumn hike - the photos are glorious.