Friday, September 13, 2013

Up Before the Sun

Those of you who know me, know that I am NOT an early riser! Mama can get up as early as she wants but I am a little bear, and little bears need their sleep. But this morning... well, I was promised a spectacular sunrise... and so I dragged my little bear bottom out of bed. We drove for a bit with me yawning the whole way and then... we were there! And the sun wasn't up yet...

Ooohhh... those are some beary beautiful colours. Even some of the stars were still out.

Hmmm... can you see me?? I can sort of see my t-shirt...

Now, Mama loves taking photos of "light" shots so... be prepared... she went a little hog-wild with the camera!

Although that is a cool shot...

Ooooh, I like this picture! Do you see me in the tree?

There I am! I thought if I got up a bit higher, I would see the sunrise faster...

We're not the only ones who are up early. That's a heron looking for breakfast.

Another picture...

Oh hey!! That is Mount Baker - it is doing in Washington State in the US... It's a dormant volcano.

OK, I'm ready! We've been here for almost an our and no sunrise yet!! I think I could have had a few more minutes of sleep.

Mama says that the time before sunrise is one of the best times to take photos... I guess she's right...

There goes one of the ferries to the mainland. They are up super early too!

Oh!! Oh!! Do you see it!!! There are some funny light rays coming over the mountains just above my head...

Ahhh!!! It's the sun! And it moves fast!!

Oooh, that is super beautiful. I saw a bunch of sunrises in Mexico, but this is different coming up over mountains.

It doesn't take long does it.

And it's up!

Wow, that was super cool!

OK, Mama, enough with the sun rise pictures!

Sigh... I have to drag here away from here!

But she insists on stopping to take pictures...

Mama, I need my morning honey!!

Oooh, a crow!! That is cool... It was nice to get up early and see the sunrise... they always look so different!


  1. Oh what a fun adventure - glad you dragged your bear bottom out of bed for us.

    I love your view of our Mt. Baker - a completely different profile that what we see each day.

    I hope you got a good nap, and some honey.

  2. Beautiful pictures Sandy. Lovely sunrise.

    My mom got up really early this last Tuesday. She had to drive my grandma and grandpa to the VA hospital for a test fro grandpa. She said they watched the sunrise behind (over Lake Michigan ,and just slightly north of the Willis (Sears) Tower and the Trump Tower on their drive to the hospital. She said the sun was huge and orange, it was a beary hot day here that day. Sadly, no pictures for little bears that stayed home for more sleep. She was too busy driving.

  3. That sure is early Sandy, Jerry would be doing this at that hour: "zzzzzzz". Ben likes to get up early too though, he helps make the coffee and hot chocolate in the morning. The photos are beary nice. We see you sitting in the tree!! ...Volcano?!? Um, Sandy, if you hear that thing start grumbling, you grab your mom and head to our place!