Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spider Marsh

It was a foggy day yesterday and no chance of a sunrise, so I convinced Mama to try a different hike! This one looks interesting.

There are oak trees here!! I haven't seen a lot of those - these ones are nice and green.

Yup, foggy... there are supposed to be birds here...

But it looks like nobody's eaten anything yet... or I interrupted their morning breakfast!

Whoa, cool spider web!

Is it a spider web though?? It's not a typical web shape and it is quite dense... hmmmm....

That's a real spider web! But Mrs. Spider must still be in bed cause there was nobody home...

Despite the green oak leaves, there are signs that fall is coming... the hawthorne berries are turning red...

And the Red-Ossier Dogwood is going too... isn't that a cool name for a bush!

Another spider web!! They are everywhere here!

Can you see it above my head?? Mama mutters quite a bit when she is trying to take spider web pictures... her camera isn't really designed for focusing on something so gossamer-like...

But the occasional shot does come out OK.

Hee-hee!! This is me under one of those tent spider webs!!!

And this is what life looks like from underneath one of them...

Hmmm... still foggy...

Cool - some acorns!! They don't look quite ripe yet though. I thought they turn brown when they are "done".

Oh, but some of the leaves are starting to turn colour as well...

Still a few wild-sweet peas around.

But no birds!

Part of the reason Mama was trying to take web pictures was because they are coated with tiny beads of moisture... they are so beautiful like this!

Hey!! It's a bird!!! A little... umm... brown bird... of some sort. I is not a birder by any means!

OK, Mama... enough with the spider web pictures!

This was a cool walk, although it would have been nice to see some more birds. Maybe they are out in the fog there somewhere...


  1. Lovely walk, I hope you didn't get any spiders in your fur.

  2. Great nature photos Sandy! You could use those spider webs to decorate your place for Halloween, or maybe for your costume contest this year, hint, hint (we're working on it and will announce it soon!).

  3. Sandy looks like that was an interesting nature hike. Lots of great spider webs. That fog looks pretty thick, almost pea soup!

  4. @JoAnn - Nope, I kept jumping up and down to make sure none of them stuck to me!

    @Jerry & Ben - Oooohhhh... a costume!! I need to think of what I'm going to dress up as this year!!

    @Buttons the Bear - It was a pea-souper fog for sure! It makes everything look kind of mysterious.