Sunday, September 1, 2013

Road Trip

Hullo!! I am on a road trip!! Whoo-hoo!!! We left home a few days ago on the ferry...

(picture should be here but is missing)

And drove through all the way to my old home in Calgary!

(another picture missing)


(raised bear eyebrows)

... wait a minute...

What do you mean picture missing???

Hmm... I interrupt this posting early due to teknical sekretarial glitches... Apparently Mama didn't want to tell me that we don't have the pictures loaded into the laptop yet... Sigh... Let me handle this and we'll see if I can get a posting done sometime soon!


  1. Sandy, your sekretery has been BEARY busy for several months, AND she didn't always get her Starbucks, so we think a little rest is ok. hehe

    We are, nonetheless, looking forward to seeing your photos!

    We were at the farmer's market today and one vendor had an entire table of HONEY. Ben thought jerry was going to pass out he was so happy....

  2. We will be anxious to see the photos and hear all about your adventure.

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Good point - I need to have some patience with her! A whole honey table - wow!!! Did Jerry cart the whole thing home?

    @Beanie - oops is right...

    @Jo Ann - thanks!