Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road Trip (with pics!)

Hullo bears and not-a-bears! I have my sekretarial glitches sorted out... As Jerry & Ben said, sometimes you have to be patient with humans. Anyhow... we are on a road trip. I made sure we had some food to eat on the trip. These are some of the grapes and tomatoes from our garden...

And blackberries from up the street. I haven't been able to find a honey supplier yet sooo...

The truck is pretty empty for this trip so I have lots of room to romp around the back...

Are we there yet?

Not quite... this is the ferry terminal. I forgot, we have to take a ferry to go anywhere! I think I'll take a nap...

When I woke up... we were in Calgary! That was a quick trip. Apparently we came here to pick up a bunch of our gardening stuff... but we also went out of town to visit some friends and chill for a bit.

This is like a summer resort where people can have a trailer or mobile home... they all drive around in little golf carts.

Hmmm... and have a sense of humour apparently!

Ooh the apples are getting ripe here. We don't have an apple tree back home but I saw one hanging over a fence so that's fair game, right?

OK, so some hammocks are dangerous for little bears!

Whoa... we are going on a boat??? Really?? So cool!

I hope they have little bear-sized life jackets...

Is it going to be a sailboat??

Or a sea-doo??

Nope... it's going to be a souped-up power boat!

I think this is going to be fun!!

Although the life jackets are not quite bear-sized. But in this case it didn't really matter because the motor-boat had teknical difficulties, so we had to get out and go to another friend's boat.

And it's a sailboat!!

This is where I could really use a bunch of deck hands! There are so many ropes and things to pull on...

Ahhh... this is the life of a little bear...

Just call me sailor bear!


  1. Well sailor bear - you seem to have had a very good adventure - I'm glas you didn't fall overboard - but I've heard that little bears can float.

  2. Captain Sandy! Looks like a nice boat tour so far! That weather forecast sign is sure funny! Jerry is still giggling. We're working on part 3 of our trip (coming soon!).

  3. Don't you think with all the boats you go on you should invest in a bear-sized life vest?

    Beautiful pictures Sandy.

  4. @JoAnn - I've heard little bears can float too but I don't know how to swim and I've always had this illogical fear that I will shrink if I fall into water!

    @Jerry & Ben - Can't wait to see Part 3 of your trip!

    @Buttons - I think so too... but my sekretary/personal assistant is always too busy!

  5. We agree with Buttons, Sandy, get your mom to get your a life vest!