Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back Home

Hullo!!! Ummm... sekretarial issues again!! Sigh, patience, patience for little bears. Anyhow - I got home safe and sound. The trip back home was interesting because we picked up our two kitties and brought them back with us.

This is Spooky... she is a chubby kitty who is beary friendly.

Tee-hee!!! Those whiskers tickle!!

 And under the bed here is... Rascal... she is having some adjustment issues I think...

Now, we've been home for a while already and Mama has been super busy out in the garden. We were away for a week you know and the yard jobs do tend to pile up... like this pile of pruning! It got added to because one of the big limbs of the pear tree snapped off while we were gone...

And all those lovely (but unripe) pears ended up in the compost bin... at least we have a compost bin!

Remember this old 50 gallon drum?? It got moved to the back of the shed... 

It was gooky inside with rotted leaf cuttings... I had to stay far away while Mama cleaned it out because it was super messy and super stinky. Apparently we are going to compost the kitty litter in here... and use it only on flower beds after 2 years of sitting. Uh-huh... I'll believe that when I see it!

The side of the shed got cleaned out too...

And all the usable wood has been hauled out. I think there is another building project in the future! I am bidding on a beehive box but Mama just snorts and mutters something about garlic beds...

Oh, and these are the day lilies that were almost buried under the wood beside the shed... I hope they'll do better here.

We also brought back some plant hitchhikers from Calgary - that is Alium and Monkshood (didn't survive too well) and stinky geranium...

We also brought back our favourite chairs... 

And these silver balls for the garden...

Speaking of which. We have a kale forest starting up...

Mama had to put a rabbit proof fence around the winter garden bed because something was nibbling the brussels sprouts and we don't want our carrots to get eaten! It is also deer proof... we hope.

The cilantro is doing well!

As is the first spinach that we planted!

Ooooh... carrots!!!

And itty-bitty baby chive plants!

But... it's not just the garden that grew... the grass did too! There was some rain while we were gone and the grass enjoyed that a lot. Time to mow...

I will be co-pilot! Or is it navigator??? I'm not sure....

Oh, here she is!! This is Rascal... she came out of hiding to say hello... More postings to come... I hope. Mama has promised me an outing tomorrow... not to the hardware store... or the gardening store either!


  1. Hello Spooky and Rascal!! Hope you like the new garden!!

  2. Mrrrreow!! Mrrf... mau... mau... meow... prrrrp!!

    Hmmm... I think that means that they love the new garden! At least they are nibbling on the grass in the lawn which I think means they are happy... They are indoor cats though and can't roam freely so have to be patient (like little bears) for Mama to take them out on the leash!

  3. I'm so glad you got home safely - and look at those pretty friends you have - oh, yes, you are indeed handsome too.

  4. That garden is looking great! We like your kitty too, Ben likes cats and likes to hear them purr.

  5. @JoAnn - Thanks! They are very pretty kitties although a titch cranky right now because all the neighbourhood kitties want to say hello too.

    @Jerry & Ben - Spooky is a super-LOUD purrer...

  6. Tell your Mom to remind your kitty, however, that Sandy is NOT a chew toy. hehe

  7. Oh, they know that already. I just do my best "WRAH... GRR..." at them and they leave me alone. As long as they don't come near my honey, and I stay away from their kibbles... all is well!