Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Island Getaway... no... a Beach Getaway!

Hullo bears & not-a-bears! I am going to go for a hike on an island today!! Yay!!! It's a bit windy out so I am all bundled up and ready for it. Along the way, there were these cool paintings...

On the side of a restroom!! Thought Beanie would like that!

They are pretty cool... But now it's off to the island!

What!! Ferry Service is suspended due to weather!!! Phooieeeeee!!!! A bit of wind and that's it... sigh.. Well, off to Plan B.

Oh, this works too!!! 

There were cool birds here... maybe sandpipers?

And interesting piles of driftwood... I wonder if that is natural or if some giant bear came along and played pick-up sticks here?

Some different plants here too...

They have little fat bladders on the stalks... but these aren't full of water... weird!

Of course there are lots of sea shells here!

This beach sure has a lot of seaweed plants near shore...

Ahhh... sometimes it's just nice to sit by the ocean and soak up the fall sunshine (out of the wind of course!).


Have you been on any outings lately or are your humans as busy and preoccupied as mine???


  1. Great adventure Sandy! Such beautiful photos! Did your mom pack a thermos of hot chocolate to take along? Or wasn't it that cold? Jerry says a thermos with a little pack of cookies is beary essential!

  2. Great adventure - the photos are lovely. Sorry the ferry was cancelled.