Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sticks and Stones (and Seaweed)

I got out for a hike today!!! Yay!!! I was being to wonder if this was becoming a Gardening Blog instead of a Real Adventuring Blog. I know gardening can be a serious adventure but... seriously... it needs to be interspersed with other things.

I went for a hike down by the ocean and saw some weird little succulent plants. There are strange plants by the ocean sometimes.

Isn't that a fab view!!?

Those little shacks on that tiny island are old fisherman's shacks that people have converted into summer cottages. Maybe I need a summer cottage!

I saw a bald eagle too... Actually I heard it making it's squeaky-gate-in-need-of-oiling cry before I saw him.

Sometimes a little bear needs to take a break from garden supervision... and just chill and hang out for a bit.

But not too long... because little bears get bored quickly too! What? We have a project!!?? Oh yay!! We are collecting driftwood sticks to write on and use as plant markers...

I can do this... I do pick-up-sticks beary well...

Oh, and now we are picking up funky looking rocks for the same purpose... Hmmm... these are all a bit too big for a little bear! I'll look around a bit more.

Oh yeah... forgot about these... a washed-up jelly fish! Stay away from that.

Isn't it beautiful here!!? Hmmm... what was I looking for again?

Oh yeah, rocks! These ones are a perfect size for a little bear but Mama says they are a bit too small for writing plant names...

That's OK though because we got lots of sticks and underneath that is a fair pile of stones. There is one thing left to collect though...

Seaweed!! We've heard that seaweed makes a great mulch addition to the garden and so this is an experiment...

I sacrificed my ziploc bag (keeps me from getting wet in the backpack)... and collected some seaweed. We'll see how this works...

Did you notice the backpack was fully of sticks and stones and seaweed!? That means I had to walk the whole way back!! Which also means I got to see a lot more and stop the walk a lot more for photo ops... This is a driftwood shelter of some sort. I wanted to go in but some other people were hanging out in there...

It's low tide now and way over by those trees is our truck! Rather than walking all the way around it (long way for a tired bear), I suggested that we cut directly across!

We saw some cool birds with red beaks...

It seemed like a long way once we were out there, with lots of clam shells, barnacles and baby crabs everywhere.

Uh-oh... Hmmm... didn't see that one coming! Now what???

Time for a boat!!


Actually not a boat... and the water was too shallow for vrooming... I had to be ignominiously carried under
Mama's arm while she waded through the water. I Keep saying I could ride on her shoulder but she thinks I'm not a great balancing act. Hmmph... some people!


  1. Oooooh, your pictures make me want to go to the sea! But we can't because school has started 19th of august so I go to work with G. Good to be able to travel with you like this :-)!

  2. What a beautiful place! You sure could make use of stones in your garden Sandy! Your boat is bear nice too, but Ben says you need a mast, sail and 2 assistant deck hands...we know of two little bears who would eagerly volunteer!

  3. @Hammie - School already!! That can be fun too though...

    @Jerry & Ben - Ah, deck hands! I could actually use a whole crew... I know a few little stuffies that would love to run away to the sea!

  4. We could play pirates! Aargh! Jerry would like to wear an eye patch, and Ben says he'd like a parrot who says "pieces of eight"!