Friday, August 16, 2013

Hungry Bear

Sniff... sniff... do you smell that?? There's a barbeque happening somewhere!! I just have to follow the smoke through the trees!

It's getting thicker...

And thicker... gosh that sure is pretty through the trees.

Hey a party!! There's a band and everything... and there's a barbeque over there.

And we've got tickets!! Yum!!!

It's not just any old barbeque either... it's a Salmon barbeque!! I'm not quite sure which is my most favourite... honey, berries or salmon... Can I have them all tied for first place?

Ohhhh... those look beary yummy!!!

What? We have ticket numbers??? Mine was #171... I had to be patient, but not too long... Some people had ticket #750!!

Oh yes... salmon, potato salad, bean salad and water melon... beary yummy! The music was good too... although I was more intent on sneaking pieces of salmon off of Mama's plate!

There we go... that's it... time on Gabriola is done.... this is an electrical box painting for Beanie Mouse... There are some super nice ones out here...

The sun is going down and I am one pooped little bear.

Here's some of our haul from the garden visit... we added some sword ferns to the mix too... have a plan for those!

The water is so beautiful.

I totally enjoyed my time on the little island but now it's time to get back to reality... riding off into the sunset.


  1. Jerry: "Salmon BBQ!?! With Honee BBQ sauce??"

    What a great gathering, looks like you had a beary good time!

  2. Oh the salmon was excellent! Had a beary good time and didn't even smell smokey by the end of it!

  3. Oh wow!!! I wanna go there!!! Can I put the box painting in my collection?

  4. @Beanie - for sure! You can always pull out box and drain covers for your collection!

  5. Cool!! Thanks!! BTW, can you remind me of your email address please? I need to put it on the list of participants on my book project so the lady before you will contact you that way for your snail mail address. I think that's a bit better than sending out everyone's snail mail addresses to a bunch of people you don't necessarily know! And are you OK mailing on to Australia?