Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gardener Bear - Part 2

Oh hullo!! I've been beary busy since the last posting!! I've helped to drive the wheelbarrow... which is a super tricky job for a little bear. Especially a little bear in a white t-shirt...

Yup, there is one garden bed done! I'll show you around that one in a bit... First I have to get this load of dirt into the new bed.

Oh - and there are some bystanders here too... I have to be on my best behaviour! That kitty is beary friendly and only has one eye for some reason... She likes to sleep under the plum tree.

Oh yeah - shovel dirt into the new bed. Us little bears are easily distracted sometimes. 

Anyhow, this is the first garden bed... It has, let's see... kale from the garden on Gabriola and some little kales that we bought. Also some cilantro and some basil... but those are going to get moved around a bit.

Oh and... what's that Mama?? ... Oh, this old block of wood? Well, I'm not sure what it says Mama, I can't see that far down... *** scramble... wriggle... squirum***

Oh, look at that!!! It says "LPS... Busy.... Shhh... BEES... Do not disturb"!!
Eh? This is a bee hive??? It looks more like someone's high school beehive project or something... I don't see any bees in there and I definitely don't smell any honey. Maybe Jerry does?

Anyhow... that is raised bed #1... for raised bed #2 we are planting some winter garden seeds. Which means I had to do some research... murmur murmur... carrots... murmur... murmur... radishes... hmmmm... OK...

Righto... so we have some spinach plants... and some radish seeds along with scallion, spinach, carrot and mesculan seeds... Mesculan are a mix of green leafy things that you harvest when they are young. So, this is going to be the winter garden! It's going to need a plastic sheeting cover at some point... next project.

So, that's it... and... eh?? A question from the audience about the garden!!! Oh boy... I hope I know the answer... ah-hem... I am ready for the question!
Bees, Jerry?? No, I don't think there are any bees up there. But I'll go and look anyhow...

Nope, no bees! Focus Jerry...  gardening...

So here is raised bed #2... that white stuff is some serious filter cloth to prevent the grass from coming through... oh and there are cardboard sheets under that as well. I wasn't quite on the ball when all those details were getting taken care of and didn't get pictures of that...

These are the little spinach plants...

And under the boards are 4 rows of carrot seeds... the boards are supposed to help keep the soil moist, we think....

Scallions are in there now... and room for radishes (September) and more mesculan later (we planted some between the carrot rows).

Of course you have to water everything too... phew... I am a tuckered little bear - I can't even hold up the water nozzle!

So, that's the garden so far...
And no... no bee hives so far... I'll keep looking!


  1. Wow Sandy, you've done SO much work! Everything looks great! We bet you are tired out. Hope your mom makes a nice cup of hot chocolate for you! Jerry thinks you're right; that wood block labeled bee hive is not really a hive, more like a decoration; it might look cute somewhere in your garden though. Ben says you need to have a little sign post in the garden saying "Sandy's Garden". Jerry is very impressed with all your work, he said "Sandy is a furst class gardunur!"

  2. I is beary tired! Mama took me to my favourite coffee shop as a reward... and I had a super-venti hot chocolate! That block is definitely not a hive... for bees at least. There are some things in the holes that might be paper from a wasp but... stay away from those!

    I like the idea of Sandy's Garden! I will have to find a piece of artful driftwood and get Mama to write my name.

    That is high praise coming from Jerry who is a Master Gardener!

  3. Great job Sandy! Looking at your new raised makes mom want to do ours over! Then she thinks about all the work and thinks she will think about it some more. Maybe it's just time to plant some fall lettuce in the lettuce table. We only got tomatoes and flowers planted in our garden this year.

  4. Thanks Buttons! It is a lot of work for the humans!! I do most of the supervisory work... which can be hard work too! Just not dirty hard work. Mama says on-going maintenance is always easier than trying to resurrect a forgotten garden and make it into something.