Sunday, August 25, 2013

Garden Progress

Hullo!! Yes, another gardening post... I have no idea when I'm going to go on a real adventure again... sigh. Little bears have to be patient sometimes!

There has been quite a bit of activity lately... this is a pile of pruning!!

You see, there was this shrub that was growing under the pear tree, next to a big rhododendron and it was super tall and gangly with hardly any leaves... So the big old stalks got hacked off, and if the young ones survive... then they do! If they don't... well, then they don't.

Mama says we're not even quite sure what this thing is... it might have little white flowers and at first she was leaning towards Mock Orange, but now she's leaning towards Honeysuckle... Any ideas?

Of course, the rhododendron had to get pruned a bit as well to open it up... 

Oh, and remember the frighftul side beds from early on??

 Well, the near one is still quite frightful...

But the far one is getting a make-over! I shoveled out all the dirt into the wheelbarrow in installments and weeded it and put it .... what?? My nose is getting longer??? No it's not! Is it really? Hmmm... OK, I did it with the help of Puss! Still longer?
Hmmm... OK, Mama did all the hard work! Whew... nose is back to normal length!

And the area between the two raised beds got cleared of all the cedar mulch that was on it...

Which is stockpiled here... Honestly, some kitty cats!! She is crashing all my pictures!

Oh yes, and we have this weird plant too... sort of a succulent... no idea... it looks long and gangly though...

And then... again, Kitty??? Sigh...

Oh brother... here she is again! Anyhow, these were old pieces of wood that were hidden behind the shed, so we are going to build a third raised bed in between the other two!

That's a beary good use of... pieces... of wood... hmmm...

Sigh... tickles from the kitty!

Anyhow... I better get my shovel out because this is going to be hard work and...
What??? She crashed my picture again!?? Take 2!!

Oh goodness... I can't even remember what I was talking about...

Oh yes, gardening and building a raised flower....
There she is again...

 I might as well just give up and cuddle with the kitty!! She is obviously in a cuddling mood!


  1. Hahaha, you made G. and me laughing out loud with this post! Is the kitty living with you or is it a neighbour cat? It is beautiful! I like cats because they always do what they want to do :-)! We had a lot of garden work this year but now the garden is the way we wanted it to be. Less work and more to enjoy, the best garden combination;-)!

  2. Oh, just give the kitty a hug Sandy, looks like a nice cat. You're garden is looking good!

  3. @Hammie - Well, kitty had me laughing out loud too - such a camera hog! She is a neighbourhood kitty who lives behind us and seems to think our yard is her yard!

    @Jerry & Ben - Thanks guys!! I am supervising beary hard to get it ship-shape!

  4. Well, Kitty obviously thinks you're a Grand Bear!!!!! I wish I had a cat that came to visit....

  5. Sandy, we suggest you do your expert supervision in the following way: sit in a nice lawn chair, make sure you have a big umbrella to give you shade, put on your sun glasses, relax in the chair with a cool glass of ice tea (with a little honey of course), and if it's really hot, you can dip your toes in a cool tub of water. All you have to then do is to tell your gardener workers where to dig and to plant!

  6. @Beanie - Kitty is very friendly! There are actually quite a few neighbourhood kitties who stop by for a visit: long-haired Ginger, White and Ginger with a little tinkle bell around his neck, pure black Nero, long-haired BLUE eyed Siamese... Wait until my kitties arrive next week... Oh boy.

    @Jerry & Ben - That sounds like a very well-thought out supervision scene! I will have to see how it works out... Too bad I can't get a Director's chair!

  7. Hope when your kitties arrive you don't have to supervise any cat fights! If you do, please do it from a distance.

    I am thinking this one is an expert photo bomber!

    By the way your garden is looking fantastic! Tons of hard work has been done and the supervisor/assistant and cat wrangler deserves some honey!

  8. Ooh, the new header photo is beautiful!

  9. @Buttons - I know... they are indoor kitties but I can see their little cat faces squashed up against the patio doors hissing wildly! I will stay out of the way for sure! Thanks for the congrats on the garden, I have a beary good work crew!

    @Jerry & Ben - It took forever to get a new header photo! Mama keeps taking vertical pictures and they don't translate into header material all that well... but this time I made a point of demanding a horizontal picture!

  10. I've been reading your wonderful blog - love the adventures - especially the "boat".
    Come over and meet some new friends - one is even a bear

  11. @JoAnn Thanks!! I'll come over and check it out!