Thursday, August 15, 2013

Farmer Bear

Well... where was I?? Ah yes, well the Farmer's Market was exciting but no honey... guess they don't have bees on Gabriola... But, they do have... Blackberries!!

Yummmmm... they are everywhere... not just Gabriola actually... all over southern Vancouver Island and in Vancouver too.

But they are beary tricky to pick because they bite back whenever you take off a few berries. But I am going to work on it... because little bears love berries!

All that talk of berries made me hungry... time for lunch...

OK... I'll have the Kaysadeeah... I am practicing my Spanish for the Compost Ella Camino!!

Wait a minute... do you see that!? In that massive thistle flower???

Those are honey bees!! There must be beehive somewhere on this island...

Last winter, we made some friends on the island who have a beary large vegetable garden... I went to visit them to see how their garden grows... Big sunflowers, with... more honey bees!

Whoa... that is one big garden!

They grow fig trees... uh-huh... with figs. Can you believe it?? In Canada!!

And these are hot chili peppers...

And some basil... beary important for Italian caprese salad... yummm...

Oh, and some corn...

But I kept getting distracted by the bees...

Even in the dahlias!

They sure are pretty...

This is the garden lady... she is digging up some kale plants to give to us for our garden! And we got some basil and brussel sprouts too...

She even has chickens... and said we could get some off of her when we are ready. She said that she would wait until they are big enough that you can tell the boys from the girls. We're only allowed to have hens at our place... no roosters - too noisy!

They sure are pretty... and beary big!

There were also some turkeys and some young white chickens... they were from mid June... so only 8 weeks old! They grow up quick I think...

After the chickens we went... What?? I'm out of room again???? Hmmph, some sekretaries are getting a bit bossy! The best part is yet to come...


  1. Ben: "That iz a beary nise garden!"
    Jerry: "Beez, did you say BEEZ?!?"
    Ben: "Blackbearies are yummie, we put them on our yogur."
    Jerry: "Beez, whar did you see thoz beez?!?"
    Ben: "Figs? Really? in Canada? iz that a Canadian joke? hehe"
    Jerry: "About thoze Beez, are you followeeng them back to the honee?!?"
    Ben: "The chickens are nice, we have a wild group of turkees who live in our nayborhood, right in the Citee, can you beeleev it?"
    Jerry: "Let me know bout them beez!"

  2. Didn't you have an old Bee Hive in that cottage you lived in? With the bear sized front door??

    1. Yes! There was a bee hive there! But that island is a ways away from here... I know that there are more bee hives somewhere... Do little mice have these same issues???

  3. Hmmm... did a certain little bear leave nose marks all over the computer monitor?? Somebody has a one track mind I think! I put blackberries in my yogurt too... and just eat them as a snack... they are beary deelicious! We even got to try some of the figs! The ripe ones are a blackish purple and taste nothing like the dried figs in the store. Beary strange! As for the bees... I'm working on that!

  4. Ooooh! Those chickens are beautiful!

  5. Yes Sandy, I'm afraid Jerry's face print is still visible on the computer screen; Ben is rolling his eyes. We sometimes have blackberry muffins or on our waffles, so yummy!

    Jerry: "Ask Sandy bout thoze BEEZ again!!!"

  6. @Hammie - yes they are!! We might get some eventually... that would be cool!

    @Jerry & Ben - Hmmm... Now Sandy is rolling his eyes! I will put on my Sherlock hat and see what I can find!

  7. Ben thinks that it would indeed be a good idea for you Sandy to have a couple of chickens. Jerry says that maybe Har could come over and build you a luxury chicken condo like Gea has. Ben corrects him though "it'z not a chicken kondo, it's a chicken koop." Jerry thinks Condo sounds much better.

  8. Mmmm... I think I agree with Jerry, that is a definite chicken condo. The actual model is apparently called Chicken Country Club according to Gea!

  9. Chicken Country Club is even better!