Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Escape to the Islands

Righto... so after that scary introduction to our backyard and the massive amount of work involved... I decided to run away to one of the local islands! At least for a little while... All I needed was a backpack (for honey of course) and a lawn chair!

There's the ferry!!! Ummm.. In behind the truck... can you see it?

There it is!!

I am going to Gabriola Island... I was here last winter for a bit, but it's much different in the summertime.

I keep hoping that I'll see one of those sea bears... but so far no luck. I wonder why BC Ferries advertises sea bears if it's so hard to see them! Ooops... Mama says they are sea otters... but they look like little sea bears to me!

And we're off... hmmm... it's a bit choppy today... hmmm... can you see me turning a bit green?

Maybe it'll be better if I look outside? Nope...

Better to go outside! That's much better... fresh air and a sea breeze help quell queasy bear tummies!

Hmmm... do you see that sea gull on that navigational beacon? I wonder why they always hang out on those things?

Almost there!!

That's the dock! Yay... can't wait to get my paws on terra firma again...

First stop... a garage sale! I was on the hunt for gardening tools since most of our gardening stuff is still in Calgary. There were some really good pieces but someone had already bought them! Ah well...

This is what the island looks like!

Hah-hah... it's a painting!! Not for sale though...

Oh cool... a farmer's market! Betcha they have honey here... just have to find it!

Honey... honey... honey... Hey, that sounds like an Abba song!

"Hey, please turn me over." Why would a piece of wood want to be turned over?

"Oooooohh, that's better. Thanks." Such a silly piece of wood!

This is kind of neat, a burn-inscribed drawing of Gabriola... I don't see any little bears in there though.

This is a stand that sells treats for pets...

But only for dogs... beef, liver, steak & kidney pie... no honey biscuits!

Some nice purses... I would fit well in one of those shoulder bag!

Totem pole magnets... Do you see the one sticking it's tongue out??

And other old magnets too... The Chat Noir one is nice... that means black cat in French... right Ben??

Of course there are vegetables too!

And some baking... mmmm... blueberry!

And raspberry!!

And... medjool date raisin bread??? That's a bit exotic for my tastes!

Honey!!! No... some sort of vinegar... sigh...

Really? There's a sasquatch around here??? I better keep my eyes open.

Lots of jewelery...

And this beautiful image... From a distance you'd think it was a photograph...

But those are all paintings! They look beary real!!

Whoops... that's enough for today... Mama  says this blog is getting way toooo long... So many adventures for a little bear and only so much blog space... Part 2 coming soon! We have Whye-Fye now so I can get on the computer whenever I want!


  1. It does mean cat! Nice job Sandy. Looks like you had a nice outing. We laughed at the "honey, honey, honey" ABBA song. Jerry says he would demand a refund if no one sold honey (really, he was not a happy bear!), but Ben assured him that honey would be sold some wear. How long did the ferry ride take?

  2. @Jerry & Ben - I know... I was not impressed with that Farmer's Market! But there are more so maybe one of them... at least ONE of them will have honey! The ferry ride took a whole 20 minutes! Good thing it wasn't longer or this little bear would have been an olive green colour...

  3. Jerry loves boat rides, but Ben turns a little green if the water is rough. It looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  4. Ah... Ben and I could turn green together while Jerry runs around giggling and looking for bees!

  5. Haha, that would be fun. Or we could all work on your garden, we love to garden!

    Jerry: "Beez?"

  6. OK... bring a shovel too! Does Jerry get more focused once there is gardening to be done?? Or does he flit off after every bee that comes by???

  7. Well, he does pay attention to bees, that is true. Once he starts to garden, however, he's all business. He even has a special gardening smock and hat that he wears; he says "they maak me luk beary cool!" Looks like you have a beary nice space for a wonderful garden, can't wait to see the progress!

    One final note from Jerry: "Maak sur you plant luts of flowurs cauz they attract BEEZ."

    Ben just rolls his eyes.

  8. Well, I have to agree with Jerry on the bees for this one - bees pollinate all the flowers and the fruit trees, which is beary important if you want pears and plums and other yummy fruit. Which makes for good pies and jams and jellies!