Saturday, August 24, 2013

Checking on the Garden

Well, it's been a while since the garden was planted, and it's time for me to go out there and check on things. Garden Inspection is a beary serious duty and I take it... well... seriously!

Down the stairs we go...

Whoa, what's that?? Do you see that? It's one of the pears from the pear tree! I wonder if they are done?

Hmm... it's still kind of hard and looks kind of oogie so I'll leave this one alone.

But this one... this one looks delectable!

Num-num... num... num... ummmmm...

Yuck!!! Very sour still!! Guess they aren't quite ripe.

Unlike the tomatoes we got on the little island which are ripening quite nicely. Almost time for a caprese salad.

The kale is doing pretty good too...

Oh, and the spinach seeds are putting up their first starter leaves!

These are the Mesculan babies... that's just a fancy name for baby lettuce mix!

 Oh and look... these are... eh?? Baby weeds!! Hmmm... somebody needs to get weeding here!

And look! Some of our grapes are purple ones!! They are turning colour so it can't be much longer and I'll be able to nibble on some of those.

These must be green grapes because they are definitely not turning colour. Don't they look delicious?? Yummm!!!


  1. Wow, so many good things growing in your garden! We're definitely slowing moving to the fall here. The very first leaves have slowly begun to turn, and the sunlight is starting to be a little different. Our herbs are doing very well, but we're done now with tomatoes (our tomato plant kind of got sick, so we didn't have too many). We're jealous you have grapes. Have you ever tried frozen grapes? Remove from the vine and pop into the freezer; they don't really freeze solid like ice, and they are like popsicles!

  2. Oh, and your boots look great for gardening! Jerry would like a pair of those rubber dark green garden shoes like the professional gardeners use, but we're having a hard time finding them. Ben says "Juzt dip his feet in leekwid rubber" but Jerry doesn't like that idea...

  3. Frozen grapes??? That sounds interesting! I will have to pick some and try that out... Isn't there a little bear raincoat outfit with yellow boots? Those would be an appropriate pair of garden boots don't you think? Jerry could spray paint them green!