Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Mystery

Hullo!! I have a mystery on my hands... Somebody is stockpiling pallets in our backyard! Now, I know they are free, but not sure why anybody would want these things!

I suppose you could smack the boards off and make kindling out of them...

Hey!! Is that a little bear?? It is a little bear!

Ooohhh... he's a handsome little bear! Must be Ben... or I suppose it could be Jerry too (just to be fair).

Ah!! It's me!!! There's a mirror behind these pallets... sometimes humans are very strange. Why would anyone store a mirror back here?

*** crunch... crunch *** What the heck?? What is underneath the grass here??

It's a bunch of glass! See, that's why people should not put glass or mirrors in their backyard - because they fall down and break and make a big mess that is dangerous to little bears and little animals and little humans. I'll have to get my work crew to clean that up...

They' been busy digging a hole in the ground over here... apparently it has something to do with pallets. Anybody have a clue?? Kitty doesn't seem to care...

I have to say, I don't think this would be a good place for a garden... it is super rocky in this spot!

Look at all the rocks and dirt that got dug out! It's all going to be dumped over...

Here... My, that is quite the scary pile of stuff... rocks and dirt and branches and Morning Glory and blackberries... and old railway ties. Ugh... Oh and some grass clippings... This would not be a great place for a compost pile though!

Hmm... the pallets have moved around a bit...

Maybe this is meant to be a jail for bad little bears??? A penalty box... let me out!

Nope... apparently this pallet thing is going to be good for the garden!! (We had to cover the baby plants with some wire fencing to protect it from gone-wild rabbits).

OK, I will supervise this mystery pallet construction from my lawn chair! 

I'm not quite sure how to supervise something that I have no idea what it is going to be but... I will do my best!

Hmmm... an interloper again! She disappeared pretty quick once the work really got going... there was some sawing and banging and mutters of frustration but in the end...

Voila!! A pallet box!! Can you guess yet what it is for??
I figured it out!! It's a compost bin!

It was super cheap to make... only cost $3.99 (for the bailing wire)... pallets were free and the wood post was behind the shed...

These are the latches on the front pallet, one on either side...

It looks pretty solid and sturdy...

And there are even some little blocks inside to prevent the front gate from falling inwards...

What do you think? I think I did a pretty good job supervising... It might need some chicken wire around the outside. And a second one might get built next door once this one fills up...

And finally... a reward for a tired little supervisor bear!! Honey!!


  1. The compost bin looks great! You did a super job supervising Sandy. The honey treat was well deserved...but if there is any extra honey left over, you do know who to call to get rid of it...

  2. Thanks guys! Extra honey?? Mmmm... you think there was any extra honey left over after I worked soooo hard!!? Nope... but... I did see a sign for an apiary down the round and around the corner so I am going to pester Mama until she takes me there!

  3. We didn't think there would be any extra honey...but it's always worth asking! hehe

  4. I like your compost bin! Ours is made of plastic, I prefer yours! Good job!

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Always worth asking! I think there is an emergency stash somewhere but Mama won't tell me where!

    @Hammie - Thanks!! There are all sorts of pallet ideas online and after starting at them for a while, this is what got created. If it gets too full, we'll have to build another one beside it... So much better to compost than through it all in the garbage!

  6. Jerry says: "Emergunzee stash? Bears hav emergunzee staches?!?! I'd bettur start lookeeng around here!!!"

  7. Well of course we do!! Although Mama says maybe we only have one for earthquake emergencies... but I think it could be dipped into for other emergencies too... You guys should start snooping around the house and see what you can find!