Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spiffy Bear

So... one of Hoi An's claim to fame is that they have more tailors per square foot than anywhere else! There are at least 500 tailors in this town. You see them everywhere.

But all of those clothes are too big for a little bear.

But Mama says that people can walk into these stores and get a new suit made for cheap, cheap... or a dress or a shirt or...

Or maybe a little bear outfit!!!! Ooooh... wouldn't that be a great idea! I wonder if they can make outfits that small??

OK... so after a bit of pleading... I convinced Mama that I could really do with a couple of new short-sleeved shirts and some shorts.

This will be the fabric for the shirts...

And the green and beige just below it will be the shorts fabric!

Now it's just time to get measured...

That tickles!!!

The tailor lady thought that it was very cute making clothes for a little bear... but they had never done anything that small before... so this was going to be a new experience for all concerned!

I have a lot of measurements to write down.
P.S. Well... it was an adventure - I think the shirts look pretty good but... the shorts are a bit baggy on me (cause of my sandals being firmly attached to my feet). So Mama says we might have to get Gramma to modify things a titch... so I won't show the final product until we can get it tweaked a bit back home... Mama says it cost a "ridiculous" amount of money but... I like the idea of new outfits!


  1. What a great idea Sandy!!! We are so jealous. We can't wait to see your new clothes!

  2. Thanks!! I can't wait to get these sandals off so I can get things altered to fit me better!!

  3. You'll be the best dressed little bear in North America!

  4. Well... maybe. If I had known about this ahead of time, I woulda brought a picture of a Mountie and got a Mountie uniform made!! That would have been soooo cool!

  5. Awesome! The Mountie outfit would have been really appropriate. But probably way more expensive than what you had made. My mom says those coats for little bears are tricky to sew.

    Can't wait to see your new duds!

  6. It would be nice to have a place to order new clothes; some of Jerry and Ben's clothes look a little worn. How about Sandy's?

  7. @Buttons - Well, Gramma used to sew clothes for Barbie & Ken but I think she had patterns to go off of... sewing for little bears is super tricky cause there are no patterns! I can't wait to put them on!

    @Jerry & Ben - Errr... My blue t-shirt is starting to look a little under-the-weather. Mama says it's because I never wash my paws and keep wiping them on my shirt... but I don't think little bears can wash their paws sooooo. My winter parka outfit also looks a little worn - especially the pants which had that whole split seam business!

  8. You're an active little bear Sandy, so tell your mom you need some play clothes and new outfits! Just put your paw down!!!