Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cultural Saigon

Hullo bears and not-a-bears! Once again I seem to have managed to ride around in Mama's backpack for most of these pictures. I'm not sure why this happens to me! But here are a few more pics of the cultural side of Saigon

Saigon has a favourite cheese... and it might be the favourite cheese of all of Vietnam - I'll let you know! It is called Con bo cuoi... but I think Ben could probably give us the real name cause it's in French! Oh... and their favourite bread is... baguettes!

The Vietnamese are great artists... and I saw a tonne of art shops!

I know a little mouse who would be super interested in browsing through these shops!

The Vietnamese are also great basket weavers. Believe it or not there is a bicycle under all those baskets! I've seen several baskets that I would have loved to take home but... baskets do not travel well in backpacks.

One evening I came across a whole bunch of children in the local park. There were tonnes of them all dressed up in uniforms of varying sorts. The girl in pink is dressed in a more traditional Vietnamese outfit.

There were marching bands...

And they even danced to different songs... The only one I recognized was... The Chicken Dance (yes... the Chicken Dance).

Even the adults do dancing in the mornings - but more ballroom dancing type.

And sometimes you see people practicing a different type of dance - more theatrical. These ladies and men were practicing slow-motion moves with closed fans and they would then whip them open. Very cool!

 And... I got to go and see a Water Puppet show! This is a traditional Vietnamese art form from the north. The puppets are made out of wood and are controlled by levers under the water, which are maneuvered around by people behind the green screen. The water is about waist deep so the puppet masters wear hip waders!

It was beary cool and there was traditional music as well. This dance below was called the Fairy Dance.


  1. Oh, that's the Laughing Cow cheese!! We have that in England as well, made by Dairy Lea!! And I wanna go to that art shop toooo.....!!

  2. Yes, Laughing Cow is their most favourite type of cheese... on baguettes and in all sorts of things. And those art stores looked beary interesting!

  3. We have Laughing Cow cheese in the States too! Don't need for an interpreter for that label, just a red cow.

    Looks like you still got to see a lot of interesting things, even though you rode around in the backpack. Are you sure you weren't asleep when mama was looking in to let you out?

  4. Wow, La Vache Qui Rit cheese! Did you know there are building a factory of that just 1 hour from where we like in South Dakota! Ben is very excited about it. It has become the most popular spread cheese in the US. Did you know it is a French brand? Beanie should would LOVE that art shop. We love art shops and office supply stores too; so many fun thinks to look at.

  5. @Buttons - Sleeping?? Me??? Well... maybe... it was beary hot in Saigon and you know what that does to little bears!!!

    @Jerry & Ben - It is definitely the most popular cheese here (of all types) paws down! And the most popular bread is a mini baguette... so it is all very French-feeling here. Office supply stores are great places! I love those coloured sticky notes although I think they could make them in bear shapes too.

  6. We sometimes use Brie cheese and chopped chives from the garden to make an extra special grilled cheese...Jerry highly recommends it!