Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beach at Hoi An

Hoi An is beary close to the beach as well - the best of both worlds! Our hotel was a 10 minute bike ride from the beach and the road went through rice paddies.

And there was a lake too where people were fishing.

Ahhhh... the beach! The beach we went to is called An Bang beach and it is much less crowded than the other beach in Hoi An.

The sand was super hot and I had to keep my flipflops on if I didn't want to burn the pads of my little paws! Those are the Cham Islands in the background - they are supposed to have good diving and snorkeling.

Ahhh... peace and quiet and relaxation... this is a little bear's life!

Of course... this little bear is a go-go bear so I can't stay still for too long. There were some of those cute round fishing boats on the beach and I went to have a closer look.

See - they have their fishing nets all ready to go.

This one even had the paddle on it... they use just one paddle - at the front of the boat and weave it in a way that makes them go forwards. Quite strange to watch!

OK... I'm ready... let's go!!!

Mama said that boat was too big for a little bear to handle... but this one looks like it could be more my size!

My goodness... it is hot out here! The water is nice and cool though (so I've been told).

It was beary nice here... we went on a couple of other days when it was super wavy. The humans thought it was great fun to dive into the waves and get tossed around in the surf. They came out with sand everywhere in their bathing suits and scraped elbows from being pummeled by the waves. Sometimes little bears are smarter!!


  1. Sometimes little bears are smarter, I agree.

    Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the beach too. Careful you don't get furburnned.

  2. Thanks Buttons! Little bears can get fur-burned!!?? Oooh, I'd better be careful. I mostly stay in the shade because even with my t-shirt and shorts it's still way too hot in the sun. I can't imagine being a long-haired plushie/stuffie!

  3. We love the beach too! Your sandals look great! Little bear paws get hot easily, so it's important to keep them cool hehe

  4. Little bear paws would be scorched pink on that sand!! Good thing I don't have my winter mukluks on!!

  5. Although board shorts and a bear-sized beach umbrella and chair sure would be cute!

  6. Yup - somewhere they must make bear-sized things!