Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to the Beach

So... we left Dalat, destination Nha Trang. Most people take a bus but did we?? Nooooo... somebody decided that we would bike from Dalat to Nha Trang!! Not the whole way, but 70 km of it. Now, I don't know about other stuffies... but this little bear is not a biking bear, at least not for those distances! Luckily this was a bike tour and there was a support vehicle... Where do you think I rode??

I have to say the views were spectacular! We went on the "new" highway which went up through a mountain pass (you should have seen those humans sweating out there!) and then 30 km downhill (they did like that).

There were waterfalls too! Beary beautiful.

There goes one of them... Mama I think... The downhill part was fun but then there was 20 km in the lowlands and it was super hot out there. I think little bears who ride in air conditioning are smarter than some other people!

We arrived in Nha Trang and... it is a beach town! Beautiful beach lined with palm trees.

Ummmm... did we just go to Russia???

Oh dear... I don't read Russian!!

Oh whew... there are English translations too. Apparently Nha Trang is a favourite holiday destination for Russians. I thought I might meet some little bears from Russia but no.

 Oh, it's good to back by the beach again!! Although it is so hot out!

All I want to do is chill out on the beach sarongs... ahhhhh... this is a little bear's life.

Sitting on the beach you can watch all the activity on the water and in the sky. Like kite surfers and catamaran sail boats and para-sailing! Not for me though...

I think the humans are letting the heat get to them. After a day at the beach, do you now what they did??? They went to the mineral mud baths! Seriously... there is no way I was going to go into that glop!

I decided to order a pizza instead... very yummy!

There were also mineral hot and cold pools at this place, which is a bit more civilized than a mud bath. 

It was hot here and because I couldn't go in the water (no minerals in my fur please!), I got to have an ice cream.

 And then... the next day (Mama says we have to compress 4 days of adventures into one posting because we are sooooo far behind!)... we went snorkeling!

I have to say... the life jackets here are not designed for little bears.

We went to Hon Mun and Hon Mot islands which are some of the best snorkeling sites in Vietnam. There were divers down there too...

There's Mama!! What do you see???? Apparently lots of coloured fishies, coral, starfish, a barracuda (sounds scary but isn't), a reef shark (hmmmmm) and tonnes of small jellyfish. It was like swimming through clouds of them. First it tickled and then there were some little stings. Really... I think little bears are far more sensible than adventure-seeking humans!

I'll just stay on board !

Besides the snorkel and mask wouldn't fit me anyhow! Still, it was a fun day.

And then... we took a night-sleeper bus from Nha Trang to Hoi An. The seats were beary narrow and hard and the bus had mechanical problems (brakes) soooo... it wasn't beary restful for some people although I slept just fine!

Sun's up! Are we there yet???


  1. We're guessing the narrow sleeper bus seats were more of a problem for Mom than for Sandy. Sandy looks out cold in the one photo. hehe

  2. No kidding! I was one pooped little bear and just ignored the mutterings of bigger people.