Monday, May 13, 2013

Interlude on a Beach

I've spent the last week on Phu Quoc Island, off the south end of Vietnam. It was a nice break after all the traveling we've been doing.

Our resort was beary nice.

And the beach was gorgeous! The weather cooperated too.

I decided to let the humans splash in the water while I guarded the loungers. It's a tough job you know! There wasn't much to see in the water anyhow - no snorkeling options so there was no point in me putting on my plastic zipper-bag suit, like in Mexico!

It was super calm most days but one day it was really wavy and everybody was jumping into the waves and getting bashed around by them. It's amazing what humans think is "fun"! It sort of looked like they were in the power wash cycle of a super-duper washing machine!

The sunsets were fantastic and always different.

One day I wandered down the beach to a rocky headland and it was kind of cool too.

It sort of looked like a castle or maybe like those images from "How to Train a Dragon"...

Doesn't this rock sort of look like a dragon snout??? Dilly would know!

It was so hot while we were there... even some of the dogs were sitting in the water cooling off their tummies.

There are still lots of local fisherman on the beaches. Some of them use these traditional boats. They are woven from bamboo and then covered with tree resin. The guy stands in it and then uses one paddle at the front to weave his way across the ocean. It's quite the thing to watch... mostly because it works so well!

Other fisherman use more traditional looking boats. They go out at nighttime and catch squid. That means that unless you looovvve squid, you need to be careful when you order "seafood" because that might be it!

This was a grey day which made for some cool photos.

And... we saw this pod of dolphins!!! I had wanted to swim with the dolphins in Mexico but was told noooo... but here...

Here I can ride the dolphins!! Or they could be porpoises too... same same but different (as they say over here).

Now it's off to Can Tho in the Mekong Delta and then Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). More later!


  1. That beach looks very relaxing Sandy! Make sure to wear your sunscreen, burnt bear fur is no fun!

  2. Beautiful pictures Sandy! Glad you got to ride the dolphins, looks like fun!

  3. What a beary cool new hat Sandy! We love the new header photo!!!

  4. Looks terrific, Sandy! I went to Vietnam a long time ago and I loved it. Hope you do too!!

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Sunscreen is beary important!! I would not look good in pink! And I love my new hat too - provides way more sun-shade protection!

    @Buttons - Thanks Buttons! I'm glad the dolphins weren't going under water!

    @Feronia - Thanks! So far I love it! Cambodia was great too!