Friday, April 12, 2013

Toto... we are not in Kansas anymore!

Getting to Hong Kong
 Hullo... well I am woefully behind on my blogging. Mama has been hogging the laptop for her own trip blog - can you believe it!! Anyhow, I have managed to snafoodle the computer and now it's my turn!! So... where was I? Oh yes, we left Vancouver on Wednesday - we took the Sky Train to the airport, which was lots of fun!

 Mind you I did have to ride in Mama's backpack for most of the way.

 Which made me think that I should be able to ride in First Class!!! But noooo... Luckily the plane was not beary full so I got the middle seat.

But before we even got to the gate, there were tonnes of cool things to see. These are not polar bears by Kermode bears (white black bears) from up where Mama is from.... they were beary friendly.

 And there was a massive aquarium with lots of fish and...
 Sea anemome... ameno.. whatever... those things. Remember? I had seen some at low tide one day on the Island, but they look so much more pretty when they are underwater.

 Oh, and I got my picture taken with the big statue at Vancouver Airport.I'm sure there is a bear in this boat somewhere but I couldn't find it. I think it's a creation story sculpture.

 And then... after 14 hours flying... (we did do a detour around the Koreas according to our flight path)... and three movies... we arrived in Hong Kong!!!

 I was so tired I went straight to bed. Luckily it was evening when we arrived so that worked out good.


The next day I went on an adventure... we walked everywhere! First we went down to the shoreline. That's Hong Kong Island in the background. We'll go there tomorrow...

 The promenade was called Avenue of the Stars... but there was no star yet for me!!! Guess because I haven't starred in any Chinese movies!

 But people did stop and coo over me... "so cute!!"

 Oh, and I saw a fleur-de-lis... I thought Ben would like that as it has some Chinese characters on it...

I saw some bunnies up to no good!! But they wouldn't listen to me...

 This bunny was much more sedate and doing typical Easter Bunny things...

 And Hong Kong has my favourite hot chocolate shop!!! Of course we had to stop and visit... Mind you - you have to be careful with the signs here because...

At first this looked like a hot chocolate shop sign but... clearly it is not!

 And we saw tonnes of markets... we went to the Jade Market... and the Flower Market, and the Goldfish Market (where we saw way more than just goldfish), and the Ladies Market (where they don't sell ladies... just a lot of clothes and purses), sporting goods market... etc etc etc. Whew... my little feet were starting to get sore.

 I also learned that in Hong Kong, scaffolding is not made out of metal... but out of bamboo. And it is all held together by black zip-tie thingies... Mmmm...

 Oh and we stopped at a Taoist Temple too - the one for Seafarers.

All in all a packed day! We ended it by going to see the evening Show of Lights down by the waterfront. It was beary nice! But I was beary pooped by the end of the day...
Tomorrow it is off to Hong Kong the island for a day or two of adventure...


  1. Oh how exciting for you!!!! Can't wait for the next installment! And I'd love to know what their drain covers look like to, if you find any!

  2. Glad you arrived safely Sandy! Hong Kong looks beary fun! We're so glad you found a Starbucks (or any good coffee shop); Papa would be very grumpy without good coffee. Ben loves the fleur de lis sign, thanks for taking a photo of it. Oh, and we love your maple leaf flag on your shirt (Jerry spotted it right away)! Rest up!

  3. @Beanie - Oh yes, I've been keeping my eye out for drain covers!! I have a few and will send/post when I have the chance!

    @Jerry & Ben - Hong Kong is great fun! Mama is a bit grumpy that Starbucks here only offers 20 minutes of free wifi!! One of the reasons (she says) we are falling behind in our blog posting!

  4. Well, you could go outside for ten minutes and then go back in for another 20 minutes free wifi??? Or go to another Starbucks....?!

  5. 20 minutes of free wifi only!!! Papa would be very beary grumpy indeed. Hey, at least your mom gets some of the nice coffee she likes, that's a good thing! Hope you are having a marvelous time!

  6. @Beanie - alas, they have thought of that. You have to login with your email. So they know who you are no matter what Starbucks you are at. And... after the first time, you have to answer mini-questionnaires every time you logon to the "free" wifi. Beary annoying!

    @Jerry & Ben - I know... Mama was super grumpy but now we are in Bangkok and our guesthouse has a small wifi cafe in it... with comfy chairs too! And if you buy a tea you get 1 hour of free wifi!! And the tea costs under $1 so that is pretty good...