Monday, April 22, 2013

The Wild West of Siem Reap

Er, hullo bears and not-a-bears! We are off to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I heard it was sort of a wild-west type of town so got a cowboy hat... but it doesn't fit bear well!
 Actually, it's Mama's hat... but I thought I'd borrow it for a bit!
 We flew on Cambodia Angkor Air from Bangkok to Siem Reap. At first we were going to take a train and a bus but the humans eventually decided a plane was better.

That meant there was time for some afternoon exploring! And we found some beary yummy Belgian beer... Leffe Brown - yummmm!!

 This is one of the markets where they sell all sorts of vegetables and stuff.

And there was even an Apsara dance show going on - traditional Cambodian dance.

But the highlight of the day was this... Fish Massage & Pedicure. We had seen this in Bangkok but didn't do it... but here... the humans decided to do it.

The little fishies eat the dead skin off your feet and legs - it tickles like mad at first but then gets better. (Mama does still have all her toes under all those fishies!)

 Mama dared me to get it done to... uh-huh.... really...

I don't think so!! Those little fishies would eat all the fur off my feet and legs and then I'd look like a silly bear!


  1. Oh we love your new main photo Sandy! Looks like you are really enjoying your vacation! Jerry likes the idea of letting fish nibble his toes, but Ben says he doesn't think he'd like that, maybe he'd nibble some delicious local food while others are getting their toes nibbled.

  2. Apparently fish nibbles are beary ticklish! Nibbling on delicious food is a much better option, I think...

  3. Oh beary true, Jerry would probably be giggling with all those toe nibbles, but then a little honey tea and a cookie are a nice treat to nibble on after.

  4. Oooh... honey tea... that would be beary yummy! I am a big fan of ice cream right now... cools me down a lot!

  5. Ice Cream! Yum. Jerry thinks it's a beary good idea to take a bath in ice cream to cool down. Ben, however, gives him a strange look..."Me think Sandy means EATEENG the ise cream!" he says. "Ohhhh, thatz even bettur!" adds Jerry. Jerry agrees, ice cream is beary good.