Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunny Vancouver

Whoa!!! Do you see the size of that magnolia blossom?? I was in Vancouver on April 1 and it was amazing! It was +15 C... beary warm...

There were so many flowers out!! These are some sort of apple blossom.
 And... we stopped at an ice cream store too! That little dog is called Daisy - she is beary friendly and doesn't try to use me as a doggie toy at all!
Yummmm... chocolate!!
 Oh, and the cherry trees are awesome...
 Can you believe it, people were all over the beach - sunbathing and playing volleyball.
 Vancouver is such a beautiful city in the sunshine... not so much when it is raining or snowing.
 There was even some sort of an eagle soaring over us...
 And these are forsynthia flowers... Beautiful!!!


  1. Such nice weather! Those flowers look beautiful! It's still rather cold here, but no snow. We see lots of Canadian tourists flying overhead and returning home.

    We also saw that you got some ice cream, but you know there is a vareity named after us that is also beary good! hehe.

  2. Yup - we've heard of that ice cream too... we don't actually have stores like that up here tough, although we do have Baskin & Robbins!

  3. Hi, Sandy!!!

    My Mommy said to tell you that she Loves Forsythia!
    You are Fortunate to Live in Such a Wonderful Place, Sandy.
    Daddy says"Hi!" also. Have a Beautiful Spring and Thank You for Sharing your Spring with us.

  4. Ooh, how nice and warm! I really love that picture with Daisy! We had a nice day yesterday, we were working in the garden (making a new terrace behind our house) and we could even take our coats off! Sun and hard work lifting tiles and stones and sand made us warm enough :-)!

  5. Beautiful flowers. That magnolia was as big as you.
    You were beary brave posing with Daisy. She kind of had
    that glint in her eye, like I could get him if I really
    wanted too. Maybe she prefers little bears with furry hats.

    Looks like a wonderful time was had and the weather looked great.

  6. @Ryan - thanks!! Forsynthia are such a beautiful fridge!

    @Hammie - Oh it's always great when you can take your coat off and work in the garden! Then it really feels like spring!

    @Buttons - Daisy knew she was under Mama's watchful eye so I think she was on her bestest behaviour!