Monday, April 8, 2013

Pre-Asia Road Trip

Well... we are almost ready to fly back to Vancouver - but first I got to go to my most-favourite lake in the whole wide world!
 The water is beary low so there was tonnes of sad to play in.

It was a bit cold though - do you see the snow in the background?

We made a campfire out of driftwood - I had to be careful not to get any sparks on my t-shirt!

And we roasted some apple-sausages too... they were beary yummy.

 We even got to watch the sun go down...

Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Yummy apple sausages! We're having an ice storm, oh no! We're glad to have a supply of honey on hand.

  2. A beary beautiful lake! Love the sunset picture. Glad you practiced fire safety. :)

  3. would that be Lakelse lake be??? RJ

  4. @Jerry & Ben - Honey sausages would probably be good too!

    @Buttons - thanks!!

    @Hammie - thanks Hammie! Mama took quite a few of those. She likes taking pictures (often without me in them!)

    @RJ - nope... guess again!