Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Mystery of the Massacred Molluscs

Yay!! I got to go for a walk down to the shoreline today. The tide was super low - way lower than it has been since we got here. Wait, Mama says it has been that low, just at night when I'm fast asleep. Anyhow... this is the lowest it's been during the daytime since we've been here!

I was happily wandering the beach when I came across this... a huge pile of seashells...

They are oyster shells (molluscs). Some of the shells still had bits of their innards still attached. This looks like a massacre to me! Someone ate all these oysters... who could it be?

This calls for Sherlock Sandy!! I put on my virtual deerstalker hat and went off to investigate.

First... interview some potential witnesses... and possibly uncover the massacre suspect! (I have to be careful typing that word because Mama says massacre and masscara look a lot alike but are beary different!)

This oyster wasn't home when I came by... he might have been a casualty too!

These guys were all still home, tucked up snug in their shells. None of them wanted to talk to me... possibly out of fear of retribution from the unknown perpetrator of the massacre!

Oh, here's a big crowd of starfish having a conference... They all said they hadn't seen anything (starfish don't really have eyes so that makes sense).

Mind you, this starfish has one of his legs in an oyster shell which made me a little bit suspicious!

Oh wait!! There are a couple of witnesses out there! They definitely have eyes and they can have a birds-eye view of things...

Mind you... this guy looks a bit suspicious... with his head and neck tucked down... Hmmm, that is an awfully long beak he has... would be great for prying open oyster shells!

But I need more than my suspicions... So let's see if anybody's home in these little holes.

Ah-hah!!! That big old heron took off! That definitely looks suspicious... avoiding my keen questioning and fleeing the scene of the crime...

Oh, the little holes - only had little gastropods in them... they didn't see anything either as they are usually tucked down into their burrows.

And here are a whole crowd of witnesses! They were kind of clammed-up to start with but then I heard a faint whisper from one of them... "watch the bird"... Well, I already figured it was that heron thing but... then I heard another whisper... "the white bird"... Huh?? The seagull???

So I hunkered down behind a driftwood log with Mama's super-duper point-and-shoot camera on zoom and watched the bird... OH!!! Do you see him??? He just picked something out of the shallows and dumped it on the beach... It looks like... it looks like...

He's eating something!!! My goodness... it's the seagull!! He is the perpetrator of the Mollusc Massacre! Wow... who would have thunk it???

Well there you have it, another case successfully closed for Sherlock Sandy! Onwards to the next case!


  1. WE LOVE YOUR ADVENTURE Sherlock Sandy! Ben says your Mom should make an iBook of your adventures! We wonder if they make deerstalker caps for little bears....

  2. Thanks guys! I always thought my winter hat (the green jacket outfit) looked a bit like a deerstalker hat with those ear flaps! Mama says I have way too many adventures for an ebook and would have to whittle them down to something manageable.

  3. The red coat is really great with the backgrounds. How about a magnifying glass, or a toy pipe that blows bubbles? hehe

  4. Too many adventures? Bah, little bears need lots of adventures to keep us active, we're so curious, just take a look at Paddington Bear!

  5. Ooooh... a magnifying glass... good idea!

    Good point on the adventures... little bears who get bored are not happy little bears! They tend to get into the honey pots and end up chubby and grumpy!

  6. Hehe, indeed they do, esp. if there is some nice hot chocolate and a plate of cookies...although at our house, a plate of cookies is unheard of, a plate of crumbs yes, but not of cookies.

  7. I bet the cookies don't even stay on the cookie sheet or the cooling trays all that long!