Thursday, February 28, 2013

Short Rations

I am not a beary happy little bear! We are getting short on honey and Mama doesn't seem concerned about it. She says that I have gotten chubby over the winter - too much honey and not enough exercise! I don't know if a diet from honey is the answer though!

I figured out something else...but Mama got wind of it...
"Sandy, WHAT are you doing?"
 "Ummm... nothing Mama!"

"Sandy , what are these crumbs on the blanket??"
Darn... forgot about that!
"Ummm.... just tidying up!"

 "Sandy, what are you hiding behind your back?"
Why do humans ask so many questions to which there aren't very good answers?
"Ummm... I was just... ummm... checking to see if these emergency rations really did expire in 1997!"

"You're kidding!"
"Well... actually... the ingredients sound like cookie ingredients and I just wanted to see if they tasted like cookie... because that would be a nice substitute for honey!"

"You ATE some of those????"
"Well, just half of a bar... they taste OK and...

[Note from Mama: Emergency rations confiscated from little bear and little bear's tummy was pumped to get rid of any consumed rations. Honestly... some little bears!]


  1. Running low on honey is beary, beary scarey!!!

  2. I know!! It's never been a problem before but with Griz around and our honey supply from Winnipeg temporarily cut-off... well... Mama says we might have to get some store-bought honey!

  3. Store bought honey is not too bad. You let us know if it gets to be an emergency Sandy, we may have to send you an emergency package!

  4. I'll be sure to let you guys know - I'll send up smoke signals! As long as I don't get too weak from lack of honey. But Mama says we are getting some tomorrow for-sure, for-sure...

  5. I agree honey shortages are devastating! You must be desperate to eat expired food rations. Do you have a cookie shortage too? We have a problem keeping Teddy Grahams on hand.

  6. No kidding!!! I was craving some honey or sugar or anything sweet. But Mama did manage to satisfy my sweet craving with something beary yummy - stay tuned!