Saturday, February 16, 2013

Poultry Adventures

Don't blame me!! Mama has been very busy lately and no matter how much I tugged at her pant legs, I didn't get on any adventures... other than Pant-Tchewsday of course! But... I think we might be back on track here!

It was a nice sunny afternoon, although a bit nippy. And I've been meaning to show you all my next door neighbours. They are beary friendly to humans but a little shy around little bears. So we might have to sneak up on them!
First... we go through the gate...

And down the stairs - notice the dew on the grass... I'll have to be careful not to get my boots dirty!

 And then we scamper across the lawn, keeping an eagle eye out for...

 This!!! Do you see that pile in front of me... don't want to step on that, because...

It is chicken poop!! Yup, those are my neighbours! Our landlord lives next door and lets the chickens have a run in our yard (fenced in, of course).

They are pretty cute... and I have a favourite one too... now where is she??

Well, those are two of her sisters there - they are called Golden Sebrights. They are a bantam chicken (small). Their sister, my buddy, is a Silver Sebright... very fetching! And very friendly. Mama feeds her worms when the other chickens aren't looking. I don't touch worms... they would get my fur all gooky! Mama made the mistake of picking up a slug (those little grey ones) to feed the chickens. The slug slime was a heck of a thing to get off of her fingers! Imagine what my fur would look like! Anyhow, Silver Sebright must be laying an egg or something.

Oh, and everyone once in a while, a chicken flies the coop... or at least over the fence. This one is called Fluffy, because she has feathers on her feet too...

Before I went back inside, Mama made sure that I hadn't stepped in any chicken poop... it's beary stinky!!

Boots look clean!! Yay!!


  1. Cluck, cluck clucky clucked!

    Ben says that means "What a great adventure" chicken language of course. We're glad you kept your books clean!

  2. Oooh... you know "chicken"! Maybe you could come and translate as I am quite perplexed as to what they are saying!