Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pant-Cape Tuesday

Oh my goodness... I was happily reading my book when Mama said I needed to come and look at Bob T. Bear's blog. He has announced that today is Pant-cape Tuesday!  What the heck is pant-cape Tuesday, you ask? Well... stay tuned and we shall find out!

I scampered upstairs with a mission. Most little bears seem to raid the underwear drawers of their human companions... but I could tell from the look in Mama's eyes that I better keep my paws out of that drawer!

But that's OK... cause I have something else in mind... if I can just find it... (rummage-rummage)....

Ah there it is!!! Mama's new flannel pants from Christmas - she hasn't even worn these yet!

So I will break them in for her. They are super long and make a great cape!

And they have a satiny belt tie which fits perfect around my neck... ta-dah!!! Here comes Mighty Sandy...

Now... I just need one more thing... in another drawer... Where did I put that... somewhere... (mumble, mumble)...

Ta-dah!!! I've been feeling a bit low lately (honey-shortage) and Bob T. Bear says: "There's no mood so low that can't be raised by putting a pair of underpants on your head". So... here I am with my super-cape and my bear boxers on my head!

And now... I need to find a place from which to launch on my super-hero mission... Hmm... the stairs aren't going to work very well.

But... there is a shelf in the tall part of the stairwell - which is perfect. There's just enough room for a little bear to perch...

And... (gulp)... here we go!!

Whoa-hey... I'm drifting... falling... it's like a parachute!.... whoooooo....

Oooohhh... turning and twirling... this is making me dizzy!!

(Thud)... Ohhh... wow... I can't see anything... am I on terra-firma again? Whew...

That was fun! I think I did that beary well, don't you???

"Ummm... oh Hi Griz.... what did you think of my flying leap??"

"Well, Sandy... or should I say 'Grasshopper'... you have much to learn about the art of flying... or even jumping... And you are definitely NOT a parachutist. Sit down, young one!"

"OK, Griz! Teach me everything you know!"
(And Sandy listened raptly as Griz shared his experience about flying and parachuting... flannel pants do not make a good parachute apparently!)


  1. Wow.... what a great cape Sandy. Longer must be much better for getting some parachute time.

    And, I'm thinking I need to launch somewhere over something softer next time.....


    a bear friend......

  2. @BumbleVee - Thanks!! It definitely helps to pick out a soft landing spot...

    @Jerry & Ben - Thanks guys! Loved your story too. Ben has a certain Parisien flair for wearing underpants on his head!

  3. We bet Girtz could really show us all how to fly properly with pantz capes!

  4. He probably could! I'm still trying to get him to let me wear his jacket... he says I haven't earned my wings yet... sigh!

  5. What a brave bear you are, Sandy!

  6. We love Girt's jacket...Ben has been eyeing one for a long time, he's hoping maybe that Santa will bring it next year.

  7. You never know... but Ben would have to be a super good little bear! I'm still trying to get Griz to let me try it on...

  8. Hehehe how on ERTH did i miss dis at the time??? HEHEHE yu did sutch a grayte job!

    1. Maybe you were busy? Or your blog was already down and you were cut off from the computer?