Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big Trees

I got to go on an adventure to the big island yesterday! Yay!!! We stopped at a park at one point and there were some super big trees there - red cedars.

 Wow - some of them are 500 years old - that is way older than a little bear!

 This is me in front of one of the trees... but I wanted a picture with the whole tree...

 But they are beary big and tall soooo...

 That's as good as it gets. Can you see me??? That's not even the whole tree either, but any farther back and you'd need a microscope to see me!

It sounds like red cedars are a beary versatile tree... I wonder if you can keep honey in cedar bark baskets???


  1. If they used them for canoes I'm willing to bet you can also make waterproof baskets to hold honey in.

  2. Wow, those sure ARE big trees Sandy. Ben says there would make a great place for a cool little-bears-only-fort-and-clubhouse-treehouse.

  3. @Sullivan - good point!!

    @Jerry & Ben - beary true... but we'd need more little bears to make it really fun up here...