Friday, February 22, 2013

A Possible Launch Point

After my little flight adventure on Pant-Tchewsday... Griz said we needed to look for a "real" launching point. I wasn't too sure what he meant as I thought the stairwell shelf was a great launch point! But... I am just a junior bear so... off we went!

Ooooohhhh... we are on top of a mountain! A beary tall mountain... With a beautiful view of the water. Except for that silly chain-link fence!

Griz said we needed to climb the fence to get a better view...

 Oh yeah!! You definitely get a better view from here!

 Mama was keeping a close eye on me... she knows me beary well! Plus, it was kind of windy out and it wouldn't have been a good thing if I had blown away! I wasn't wearing any pants to serve as a parchute!

 Look at that view...

 Oh, and that's me getting my head in a shot...
Griz said this mountain would make a great launch point for flying adventures. And he should know because he's the older, wiser bear. I actually think a plane would be quite helpful for any flying adventures... or at least a hang glider!

 We got to sit for a while and just enjoy the view...

This view looks south and if you look at the islands way at the top of the photo... those are the San Juan Islands in the United States!! I thought Jerry and Ben might be there but Mama said those islands are a LONG way from where Jerry and Ben live... and Buttons too. Plus, they are digging out from a super snow storm apparently.


  1. We ran outside and looked north, but we didn't see you. We have seen some of those Canadian tourists flying north, so I guess that means that winter will be over before we know it!

  2. Oh yes, we are saying a lot of Canada Geese coming home. Our Bald Eagles are still hanging around - they leave every once in a while, maybe to fly across the border for cheaper food?

  3. Those geese and eagles better stay north--you have a better health care system! Plus, Canada is SO beautiful!!!