Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A House in the Trees

I got to go for an outing! Mama said we were going for a hike, which is always nice.

Wait a minute... we are going up there??? Holy moly!

This trail is only 450 m but it is rated difficult because it climbs beary steeply!! Ugh...

Look at me... some of those steps are almost as big as I am! I am going to be getting a workout for sure!

 Wait a minute - what is that over there?? It looks like a building of some sort...

It is!! It's a treehouse... or treefort... that is cool!

Or not... it looks a little decrepit and I wasn't going to check out the floor boards. I am a light-weight little bear but even I was a little leary of that floor!

 There is a split-rail fence climbing up the hillside too... it sure is steep...

But I can do it!!

 And there was a nice view from up top and then when we came down at the far end of the trail... we were...

at the ocean! Ahhh... peace and calm... beary nice!


  1. We don't know Sandy, that house looks a little spooky. We're glad your mom was with you on the hike!

  2. Beary spooky! It would have been a good place for a Halloween horror video... a little bear running screaming through the forest!

  3. Or maybe another Sherlock Sandy mystery!

  4. Oooh yes... I need a deerstalker hat! Maybe Griz has some ideas on how to be a super Sherlock!